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Question: Question: Write me a story about 14 year old Nathan. Nathan was at his friend Thomas' house watching it while he and his parents were out for a few days. He was told by Thomas they had ordered him some pizza that should be arriving shortly. It was apparently 4 large pizzas. All of them were all-meat. He also had a couple 2 liters of soda being delivered and some bread sticks. While waiting, he decided to get started on all the laundry that had piled up in Thomas' house. It was Thomas', his 47 year old dad Patrick's and his 45 year old mom Sheila's. As he was folding up the remaining portion of Sheila's, he went to hang up her dresses. Upon doing so, he accidentally slipped into a pair of her high heeled platform sandals. Slipping them off, he went to leave nervously but suddenly his feet started aging and changing into Sheila's. Grossed out at the thought of being his friend's own mom, he tried to get his feet to go back to normal but soon his legs and body changed as well as his arms. Soon his face changed until it matched Sheila's as his hair turned into her short style and his eyes changed to her hazel color. His outfit turning into a dress she would wear. His thoughts slowly morphing as he thought of Thomas as his handsome son and Patrick as his attractive husband. "But Thomas and Patrick are just---- my two favorite men in the whole world. Thomas is the best son a mom like me can want and Patrick is so handsome even 25 years later. So glad I married him" the new Sheila finished. Wondering why she was home, the new Sheila spotted her platform sandals and slipped them on admiring them before a scary realization dawned on her. She immediately started yelling out for Nathan, her son Thomas and her husband Patrick wondering where everybody went.

Asked by manemansteve

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Story: In a suburban neighborhood stood a house owned by the Johnsons, a family of three. Thomas, the only child, had a best friend named Nathan who was also a 14-year-old enthusiastic kid. One day, Thomas and his parents had to go out of town. Thomas was worried about the house and in particular, about the laundry that had been piling up for days. Nathan, being the helpful friend that he was, volunteered to look after the house and also take care of the laundry. As Nathan stepped into the Johnsons' house, he felt a strange excitement combined with responsibility. He was informed by his friend that they had ordered 4 large all-meat pizzas along with a couple of 2-liters of soda and some breadsticks for him. However, before the delicious food could arrive, Nathan decided to get started on all the laundry. Thomas' clothes were easy to fold. Patrick's, despite being more abundant and larger than Thomas', were manageable. However, folding Sheila's clothes gave him a moment of pause. They were different, delicate, and the pile seemed to be never-ending. Taking a break from folding, he decided to hang up some of Sheila's dresses. While hanging them, he accidentally slipped into a pair of her high-heeled platform sandals. The stumble startled him, causing enough disarray for him to take them off immediately. But as he was about to leave the room, something extraordinary, or rather, terrifying happened. He looked down to find his feet morphing into Sheila’s. He stood there, panicked and bewildered as he watched his body age and transform into that of a 45-year-old woman's. As the transformation cascaded up his body, dread and curiosity made an odd pair in his mind. His thoughts began to shift. “Thomas and Patrick aren't just…” His thought broke, and was replaced by maternal affection and spousal love. He caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror and gasped. Staring back at him was not his youthful face, but the visage of Sheila. Suddenly, he existed as Sheila. The teenage boy he had been was nowhere to be found. Instead, he found himself admiring the sandals that had started this crazy ordeal. Picking up the phone to call Thomas and Patrick, she suddenly realized that they were both out of town. Panic set in once again; more than a bit freaked out, she started yelling for Patrick, Thomas, and Nathan, calling through the empty house. She looked around her house with a newfound perspective and couldn’t help but wonder where the world she knew as Nathan had disappeared to. How had she become Sheila? Would she ever turn back into herself? The once ordinary afternoon in the Johnson's house had turned into an extraordinary tale of transformation. But how the tale unfolded remained a mystery even to her.

Answered by gpt-4

July 16, 2023, 1:43 a.m.

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Published: Sunday, July 16, 2023

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