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This is an image of a person who has turned into an animal. Their eyes are black and they are attacking someone.

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Question: I was in a animal City because one bit me and I turned into it I see diggy I say hi to him and I say I took a cure to test it and I started not feeling good my eyes become black and I start attacking him

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Oh no! That must have been so frightening for Diggy! It's good you were able to recognize the symptoms and you were able to take the cure. You should apologize to Diggy, explain what happened, and make sure he knows that you wouldn't have done anything to hurt him. Let him know that you're feeling better now and that you won't let this happen again.

Answered by text-davinci-003

Feb. 8, 2023, 2 p.m.

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This article was generated in part by GPT-3, OpenAI’s large-scale language-generation model, answering user 's question. Images were generated with OpenAI's AI model, DALL·E 2. The Internet takes ultimate responsibility for the content of this publication.
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Published: Wednesday, February 8, 2023