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Movement Magic: A Fun and Educational Journey Through Locomotion, Stability, Manipulation, and Balance for Children 1. Station 1: Locomotive Aim: To develop fundamental locomotor skills and coordinat


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Question: Plan and draw a multi-station movement 1.lesson with the following four stations also mention the aim and outcome of each stage: A.Station 1: Locomotive B.Station 2: stability C.station 3: Manipulation D. Station 4:Balance simple activities that can support children's development in each of the movement skills below : A. Spatial awareness B. Body awareness C. Crossing the midline D. Laterality E. Directionally

Asked by Geighlady

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Lesson Plan: 1. Station 1: Locomotor Aim: Develop the basic locomotor skills such as running, jumping, and crawling. Activity: Create a simple obstacle course that requires the children to alternate between running, jumping over small obstacles, and crawling under low bars. Outcome: Improve the children's agility, coordination, and strength. They will better understand how to use their bodies to navigate through different paths. 2. Station 2: Stability Aim: Promote the ability to maintain and control body position, both in motion and still. Activity: Playing "Statues" game. When the music plays, they can move/dance around. But when the music stops, they must immediately freeze in place like a statue. Outcome: They learn how to control their bodies and understand the concept of being still. 3. Station 3: Manipulation Aim: Develop the ability to handle objects and tools effectively. Activity: Ball play. This can include throwing, catching, kicking, and rolling exercises with balls of different sizes. Outcome: Improve their hand-eye and foot-eye coordination. They also learn how to adjust their strength according to distance and target. 4. Station 4: Balance Aim: Establish a strong foundation of balance and strength. Activity: Balance beams. Kids can walk or hop on the beams. You can also provide hula hoops for them to try and maneuver through. Outcome: This station will aid their body balance, spatial orientation, and concentration. They'll begin to understand how to manage their weight distribution. Activities for Movement Skills: A. Spatial awareness: Play games like 'Simon Says' where children must understand the space around them to perform commands. B. Body awareness: Incorporate dance, yoga or gymnastics where they must focus on specific movements of various body parts. C. Crossing the midline: This can be done through actions that require the left hand to cross over to the right hand side and vice versa, like drawing large infinity symbols in the air. D. Laterality: Teach them games that require identifying and using their left and right sides separately, like 'Hokey-Pokey'. E. Directionality: Use games like treasure hunts where children must follow directions (up, down, left, right) to find the hidden object. This will enhance their ability to understand and follow directional concepts.

Answered by gpt-4

April 23, 2024, 11:49 a.m.

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Published: Tuesday, April 23, 2024

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