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Moonlit Terror: The Savage Were-Rabbit's Feast of Flesh and Foliage


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Question: Write an sad, creepy, and scary R-rated live-action horror film based on Wallace and Gromit The Curse of the Were-Rabbit, where the Were-Rabbit is (not only realistic-looking instead of cartoony, but also) a savage bloodthirsty (and evil) monster that eats both vegetables and flesh. Note that the Were-Rabbit in this film is not Wallace at all (unlike in the Wallace and Gromit movie), but a different human character who becomes a Were-Rabbit every full moon night.

Asked by dylan7

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Title: The Nightmare of the Were-Rabbit In a small English village where everyone maintains a charming garden, a gritty tale unfolds. We open on Wallace, a proud vegetarian, and his quiet canine Gromit, as renowned pest control professionals. There is talk of a great Vegetable Show. The villagers are thrilled — everyone except Reverend Hedges, who seems to be terrified by something. At a dinner party, he reveals his fear: The tombstone of a medieval Were-Rabbit in the local creepy graveyard has been desecrated. Among the villagers, Anthony takes it lightly and jokingly calls himself a "rabbit man." One night, a meteor shower dazzles the skies over the village. Something strikes Anthony, but he shakes it off. Next morning, panic strikes as all the vegetables are found devoured and livestock gone missing. Wallace and Gromit are called to action. They place electronic watch-fences and traps around the village. A high-tech surveillance system installed by Wallace known as "BUN-VAC 6000" is put to use. But, at full moon night, an enormous, roaring rabbit-like beast devastates their system and attacks them. Narrowly escaping, they witness it menacingly transform into Anthony covered in blood. Devastated by his affliction, Anthony pleads Wallace and Gromit to cure him, break the curse of the Were-Rabbit before the Vegetable Show. Anthony's girlfriend, Lady Tottington, is kept in the dark about his affliction but becomes worried about his strange behavior. Wallace investigates and comes across an old diary of Reverend Hedges. It says that a Were-Rabbit can only be killed by a bullet made out of pure gold. Meanwhile, the Were-Rabbit within Anthony, acts out its savage instincts. Those who suspected or crossed his path are feasted upon, the town sheriff and Reverend Hedges among them. Continuous disappearances create a wave of horror in the village. On the evening of the Vegetable Show, Wallace reveals Anthony's secret to Lady Tottington, who is in complete disbelief. Meanwhile, transformed under the moonlight, Anthony goes on a rampage again. In the climax, Lady Tottington lures Anthony (the Were-Rabbit) to the center of the Show by using the village's largest carrot as bait. Wallace and Gromit come in with a golden bullet in a homemade gun. But the Were-Rabbit sees them, charges, and a chase ensues through the terrified crowd. Gromit bravely distracts the Were-Rabbit, giving Wallace the chance to fire the bullet. Anthony, now released from the curse, apologizes for the horror he has caused as he gasps his last breath. The story ends leaving the villagers scarred, forever fearful of full moon nights - a symbol of the horrifying memory of the Nightmare of the Were-Rabbit.

Answered by gpt-4

Feb. 27, 2024, 5:25 p.m.

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Published: Tuesday, February 27, 2024

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