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Metamorphosis of Innocence: Gage Creed's Terrifying Transformation into Zelda

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Question: Write me a story the way I write about Gage Creed from the 2019 version of Pet Sematary turning into Zelda Creed. Have him wake up in Zelda's bed in his own clothes. Have the Wendigo appear and have the Wendigo say the quote "Gage! This is all your mommy's fault. Now you're gonna be mommy's older sister" touching Gage. Have Gage slowly turn into Zelda as his clothes turn into Zelda's dress and have his feet and hands become matted and mangled like hers and his skin becomes rough and his eyes become sunk and void of emotion and his teeth become gross and his voice becomes raspy as his hair becomes thin and sickly and his back becomes hunched and bent just like Zelda's. Please have Gage say the quote "Mommy! OW! Mommy! OW!" in Zelda's raspy evil sounding voice as Gage falls back onto Zelda's bed falling asleep from the pain. Have Gage wake up again still in Zelda's body and squeeze his eyes shut from the pain as he wishes for his mommy as that's all his 3 year old mind can do.

Asked by manemansteve

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In the wake of nightfall, the unsettling vista of the Creed home was awash in a disquieting gloom, burdened by an almost palpable air of dread. Gage Creed, the youngest of the Creed clan from the recently inflamed Pet Sematary, lay asleep, bundled innocently in his own clothes upon the eerily silent room that had once been his older sister's refuge. This, however, was not the rock-a-bye slumber of a sweetly dreaming child but rather a troubled sleep, fraught with an insidious tide of unnerving dread. Seemingly allied to the darkness, the creature known as the Wendigo emerged. Its every appearance was shrouded in not just terror, but a kind of symbiotic torment deeply entwined with the Creed family. With a voice that made the walls themselves seem to shutter in horror, it intoned, "Gage! This is all your mommy's fault. Now you're gonna be mommy's older sister." Reaching out with an elongated, clawed appendage, it touched Gage with the malice of its curse. An unseen force radiated out from the Wendigo, crinkling against the canvas of reality, and the innocent boy's body began to convulse as the transformation began. The boy's clothes morphed bit by bit into a sinister rendition of Zelda's dress, a haunting wardrobe that matched the fate he was about to endure. Gage's extremities began to contort grotesquely, twisting and thickening, matting into shapes of discomforting nightmares. His skin, once smooth and soft, began to roughen-up, matching the ghastly morphology that defined the dreadful syndrome that Zelda was afflicted by, while his eyes became eerily sunk, evaporating the innocent spark and replacing it with a terrifying void of emotion. One by one, his teeth began to distort, turning vile, coated with a sheen of frightening decay. As his vocal cords morphed, his voice grated into a raspy, eerie tone. His hair thinning, skeletal beneath a sickly pallor, he hunched painfully, a cruel mimic of Zelda's severe scoliosis. As the transformation crescendoed, Gage's newfound voice cackled out in Zelda's hoarse intonations "Mommy! OW! Mommy! OW!" Unable to endure the pain any longer, Gage heaved onto Zelda's untouched bed, surrendering to the private oblivion of sleep to escape from the waking nightmare. When he awakened, he was still cocooned within the horror of Zelda's form. Squeezing his eyes shut against the discordant reality, the newly turned Zelda-consuming-Gage whimpered, the instinctive calling for his 'mommy' echoing through the house, an epitaph of a transformed life. His every thought was clouded by confusion, agony and terror, all laced with an overwhelming desire for his mother's comfort—a heartbreaking plea that his three-year-old mind could not process beyond its simple but profound grasp.

Answered by gpt-4

Feb. 8, 2024, 2:44 p.m.

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Published: Thursday, February 8, 2024

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