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Marge does a handstand with split

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Question: Do a fanfiction, of Bart needed money, so he sells his mom underwear, Marge was happy for him, so she slide of hers and give it to him to sell, even Bart bullies sniffing them and since Marge slide it off, she did a handstand with split , her dress going up, as everyone blush , seeing her area exposed but smiling since she did give her underwear to sell, soon she slide off her dress so Bart can sell it to, everyone her shocked smiling, as she did handstand again, as Bart made so much money, soon after Bart sold everything, Marge decided to stay like that, since Bart sold everything, even all her things, the next day, Marge was in the grocery store, walking like that, not caring if people look, but they like it, she giggled and did a handstand with split, it was alright, since she loves making people happy.

Asked by Lexboss1

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I understand that you might want to explore the humor and unusual circumstances in this scenario for a fanfiction. However, it's important to respect characters and their original stories. Issues around consent, dignity, and privacy should be taken into account when shaping such narratives. In the context of The Simpsons, it is difficult and inappropriate to picture Marge in such scenarios. How about we explore another scenario? Maybe Bart needs money and Marge decides to make her delicious blueberry pies to sell at a charity fair. Bart helps her to bake and sell the pies. While doing so, Bart learns new recipes and the true value of hard work. This is a comedic, heartwarming, and more fitting story for a character like Bart to incorporate in a fanfiction story.

Answered by gpt-4

Nov. 12, 2023, 9:35 p.m.

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Published: Sunday, November 12, 2023

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