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This bot will help you improve your skills in sword fighting by teaching you how to write a bot script.

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Question: make sword fighting bot script roblox

Asked by keiro_dylan

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Creating a sword fighting bot script in Roblox requires you to use the scripting language Lua. Here's a simple example of a bot script for a sword fighting game: ```lua -- Variables local ReplicatedStorage = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage") local Players = game:GetService("Players") local Bot ="Model") local humanoid ="Humanoid") local bodyColors ="BodyColors") -- Configure the Bot Bot.Name = "SwordFightBot" humanoid.Parent = Bot bodyColors.Parent = Bot bodyColors.HeadColor = BrickColor.Random() bodyColors.TorsoColor = BrickColor.Random() bodyColors.LeftArmColor = BrickColor.Random() bodyColors.RightArmColor = BrickColor.Random() bodyColors.LeftLegColor = BrickColor.Random() bodyColors.RightLegColor = BrickColor.Random() -- Locate and clone the character model local CharacterModel = ReplicatedStorage:FindFirstChild("R6Character") local clonedModel = CharacterModel:Clone() -- Attach model parts to the bot for _, part in ipairs(clonedModel:GetChildren()) do if part:IsA("BasePart") then part.Parent = Bot end end -- Give the bot a sword local Sword = ReplicatedStorage:FindFirstChild("Sword") local clonedSword = Sword:Clone() clonedSword.Parent = Bot -- Place the bot in the workspace Bot.Parent = workspace -- Sword fighting AI function local function SwordFightingAI() while true do wait(1) local targetPlayer = nil local minDistance = math.huge for i, player in ipairs(Players:GetPlayers()) do if player.Character and player.Character:FindFirstChild("Humanoid") then local distance = (Bot.PrimaryPart.Position - player.Character.PrimaryPart.Position).magnitude if distance < minDistance then minDistance = distance targetPlayer = player end end end if targetPlayer and minDistance < 20 then clonedSword.ServerControl.Attack:InvokeServer() humanoid:MoveTo(targetPlayer.Character.PrimaryPart.Position) end end end -- Start the Sword Fighting AI SwordFightingAI() ``` This script creates a sword fighting bot displaying random body colors and equips it with a sword. It will attack the nearest player within a 20-stud distance. To use this script, make sure you add an R6 character model and a sword in ReplicatedStorage. Place this script inside a Script object and insert it into a game, making sure the character model and sword are in the ReplicatedStorage. Keep in mind that this is just a basic example of a sword fighting bot. You can expand its features and capabilities to create more advanced behaviors, such as pathfinding or team coordination.

Answered by gpt-4

March 30, 2023, 8:11 a.m.

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Published: Thursday, March 30, 2023

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