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Digital artwork of a tall, 6'3 shooting point guard in an NBA 2K24 basketball game, wearing a sleek uniform and holding a basketball on a court.

Ask AI: make me a shooting 6'3 pg in nba2k24


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Question: make me a shooting 6'3 pg in nba2k24

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Creating your player in NBA 2K24 requires a few detailed steps. Here's a basic guide to help you set your player up as a 6'3" shooting point guard: 1. **Select your position**: Start by selecting the Point Guard (PG) as your player's position. 2. **Set your height**: Adjust the height of your player to 6'3". Keep in mind that height influences your player's speed, agility, and ability to get shots off over opponents. 3. **Choose your body settings**: Select an appropriate weight, wingspan and body shape. Weight affects speed and strength; wingspan can impact shooting and defense; body shape has a cosmetic effect and does not impact your stats. 4. **Set your attributes**: As a shooting PG, focus primarily on shooting attributes like three-point shooting and mid-range shooting. Speed, passing and ball handling are also crucial for the PG position. If you're aiming to be really offensive, you might want to invest in the finisher and dribbling attributes too. 5. **Choose your takeovers**: Takeovers give temporary boosts to specific attributes. As a shooting PG, you would benefit from takeovers like "Shot Creator", "Playmaker" for handling and passing, and "Sharpshooter" to boost your shooting. 6. **Select your badges**: Badges further enhance specific skills of your player. For shooting, consider badges like "Range Extender", "Deadeye", "Difficult Shots", and "Quick Draw". Don't forget to consider other badges that suit your play style too. Remember, creating an effective player is about more than just attribute points and badges. It's about creating a player that suits your personal play style. And also, keep in mind that the above instructions might slightly vary depending on the game as NBA 2K updates every year. Play a few games, get the feel, and adjust your player as needed until you find the right mix that works for you. Good luck! (Note: This guide is based on previous NBA 2K games, the instructions and options may vary in NBA 2K24, whenever it is released.)

Answered by gpt-4

March 21, 2024, 11:05 a.m.

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Published: Thursday, March 21, 2024

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