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This article will show you how to create a Phantom Forces setup for battle.

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Question: Make me a phantom forces setup

Asked by marter

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Phantom Forces is a popular first-person shooter game on Roblox. Here's a solid setup for both beginners and experienced players that provides good balance and adaptability for various in-game scenarios: Primary Weapon: Assault Rifle - Weapon: AK-47 or M4A1 - Optic: Reflex Sight or Kobra Sight - Barrel: Compensator (for AK-47) or Muzzle Brake (for M4A1) - Underbarrel: Stubby Grip - Other: Green Laser Secondary Weapon: Handgun - Weapon: M1911 or Glock 17 - Optic: Mini Sight - Barrel: Muzzle Brake (for M1911) or Compensator (for Glock 17) - Other: Laser Grenade: - Frag Grenade Melee: - Knife or Machete Keep in mind that different playstyles might require adjustments to this setup. You can experiment with different attachments and weapons to find what works best for you. Good luck and have fun in Phantom Forces!

Answered by gpt-4

April 19, 2023, 4:26 p.m.

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This article was generated in part by one of OpenAI’s large-scale language-generation model, answering user marter's question. Images were generated with OpenAI's AI model, DALL·E 2. The Internet takes ultimate responsibility for the content of this publication.
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Published: Wednesday, April 19, 2023

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