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Ask AI: Make a story where a nerdy boy gets wedgied in his tighty whities by an older jock


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Question: Make a story where a nerdy boy gets wedgied in his tighty whities by an older jock

Asked by styx

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Once upon a time in the quiet town of Greenford, there resided a bright-eyed, young lad named Terrence. Known as "TNT" to his friends, because of his explosive knowledge, Terrence was known far and wide for his eccentric yet impressive intellect. With glasses perched on his nose, his uniform always in pristine condition, and his pocket always armed with a calculator, he looked every bit the nerdy kid archetype. On the opposite side of the school spectrum was Blake, a burly upperclassman who was the star quarterback of the Greenford Hawks. With bulging biceps, jet-black hair, and flirtatious grin, Blake was the definition of the classic jock. Coincidently, he also had a penchant for teasing those he deemed weaker than himself, which made Terrence a regular target. Terrance tried indeed to avoid his bully, but fate had a different plan one day when Blake found Terrence alone in the school library, engrossed in a physics book. Blake seized the opportunity, sneaking up on his unsuspecting prey. Creeping up from behind and yanking up the back of Terrence's tighty whities, he delivered one of the most epic wedgies Greenford High had ever seen. Blake laughed uproariously, but much to his surprise, so did Terrence. He chuckled and cleared his throat, saying, "You know Blake, that's quite a fantastic demonstration of physics you've just displayed there." Startled, Blake stopped laughing, "What are you talking about?" "The wedgie you gave me," Terrence explained. "It's all about force, mass, and acceleration. Plus, there's a little bit of friction thrown in there, of course." Blake stared, ostensibly perplexed, "What are you on about?" Terrence launched into a detailed explanation, complete with diagrams and calculations. As he spoke, the confusion on Blake's face slowly but surely turned into a look of intrigue. Well, in the end, Blake didn't stop being the school's jock, but he certainly stopped bullying Terrence. Instead, he started asking for his help in physics classes. From there onwards, the two established an unusual friendship, one that ended up benefiting them both greatly. And as for the school? It learned that brains could indeed trump brawn, thanks to a nerdy boy's tighty whities and an older jock’s skill to deliver a wedgie.

Answered by gpt-4

April 19, 2024, 9:33 a.m.

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Published: Friday, April 19, 2024

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