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Ask AI: Make a blueberry inflation story. the one that gets inflated is a gay submissive male named Oliver.


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Question: Make a blueberry inflation story. the one that gets inflated is a gay submissive male named Oliver.

Asked by uhhhhh

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Title: Oliver's Blueberry Adventure Once upon a time, Oliver, a young, gay, submissive man with a welcoming smile and a heart full of kindness, resided in the bustling city of New York. Oliver worked at an ice cream parlor renowned for its oddly unique but irresistibly enticing flavors. One day, during his routine experiments in the kitchen, he stumbled across a special kind of blueberry, unlike any he had seen before. It was enticingly violet and pulsated with a bizarre energy. Driven by curiosity, Oliver decided to create a new sorbet flavor with these unique blueberries. He worked diligently to perfect the recipe, constantly tasting and adjusting the different elements until it was just right. He then named his creation, "Oliver's Blueberry Blush". Oliver was a submissive by nature - he preferred being on the receiving end of things and thrived in experiences centered around him. This was the same reason he loved tasting and adjusting his ice creams. He loved the thrill of the unexpected, never knowing what sensation a new taste would bring. After the sorbet was prepared, Oliver decided to taste it. His taste buds exploded with a mix of sweet and tart flavors, creating a symphony of sensations that filled him with delight. However, as he savored the flavor, he began to feel a strange sensation. His round belly felt bloated, almost separating from his thin frame, and it seemed to be growing. Oliver looked down, and to his surprise, his body was indeed inflating! His swelling stomach became rounder until his clothes strained against his ballooning frame. A rich purple hue started to spread, starting from his stomach, covering his whole body. Oliver was surprised at first, but as a natural submissive, he found the sensation of growing bigger oddly thrilling. However, his increasing size became problematic. His clothes ripped apart as Oliver inflated into the size of a large blueberry. He found himself trapped in his own kitchen, the room no longer sufficient for his growing body. He had become a human blueberry. Several people at the parlor heard the commotion and came rushing in. They were taken aback by Oliver's transformation, not knowing what to do. Despite the confusion, everyone knew they needed to act fast to help Oliver. Thankfully, one of the regular customers, Ian, a muscular gay man who often flirted with Oliver, sprang into action. He had always admired Oliver's submissive nature, and now, he stepped up to take the reins. Ian gently rolled Oliver out from the kitchen and calmly directed others to fetch all the necessary resources to deflate Oliver. Long story short, with effort, and a lot of burping, Oliver was returned safely to his original size. The whole event left a rather peculiar sensation in him, an experience he would cherish as part of his adventurous nature. The curious attending crowd was ecstatic for the success, and word spread about 'Oliver's Blueberry Blush'. Despite the peculiar experience associated with it, the sorbet became immensely popular due to its vibrant color, and of course, because of the unusual story behind it! From then on, Oliver was more careful with his experiments but remained adventurous, making sure every recipe brought about a unique experience to anyone who tried it. His encounter with his odd blueberries wasn't replicated, but it stood as a testament to Oliver's nature, to take unexpected experiences in his stride, making him beloved by his community more than ever before.

Answered by gpt-4

Dec. 27, 2023, 4:41 a.m.

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Published: Wednesday, December 27, 2023

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