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Lucifer's Mirror: The Unexpected Transformation into Charismatic Clones


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Question: Write the POV transformation story of a mortal human reader and his/her friend or sibling turning into identical clones of Lucifer Morningstar (from the animated series Hazbin Hotel), complete with gender change (if the reader and/or the sibling/friend are female), clothes change, age change, height change, and mind/mental change (the reader's and friend's/sibling's personalities and memories being completely replaced with Lucifer's personality and memories, despite their best efforts of fighting the new personality and memories, making them both completely forget about their past selves and only remember being Lucifer Morningstar). For Lucifer's appearance (after the reader and his/her sibling/friend turned into his clones), he has pure white skin, blonde hair, thick black eyebrows, black lips and a mouth full of sharp teeth. He has no visible ears or nostrils, giving him a less "human" appearance. His eyes are yellow with red slit pupils resembling those of a snake. He, like his daughter, has red cheeks. His eyelids are purple which give the appearance of eyeshadow. He wears a white high collar suit, a pair of knee-high heeled boots, a black bowtie, and a red undershirt with white stripes. He also wears a wide-brimmed white top hat, with a golden snake and red apple over golden spikes reminiscent a crown. On his left pinkie, he wears a golden ring. Lucifer carries an apple-topped black cane that matches his hat. He is slightly shorter than his daughter Charlie and his wife Lilith, but he is still tall compared with most other demons. Never short of puns, quips, or jokes, Lucifer Morningstar is zany, self-indulgent, easily bored, and jaunty, a witty and charismatic showman with a goofy and silly charm (emphasizing his love of polka music), while simultaneously maintaining an air of regality and menace to avoid making others feel too comfortable around him. Lucifer is a husband to Lilith Morningstar, and they both love each other very much, being described as "passionate, cheesy lovers" by some other demons. The story would be that Lucifer Morningstar was getting bored with ruling Hell by himself and wanted twin brothers of his own for more easy ruling, more comfort, and more entertainment, as well as the fact that Lucifer Morningstar is getting sick of the reader making stories of Lucifer turning into other characters in both body and mind (which he views as distasteful). So Lucifer (by some supernatural means) briefly left the series' Hell and into real life to kidnap the reader and his/her sibling/friend and sent them both to the world of Hazbin Hotel before using supernatural magic at the reader and his/her friend/sibling which turned them both into his clones in both bodies and mind (despite their efforts of fending them off), thus permanently turning the reader and his/her friend/sibling into Lucifer's identical twin brothers. There should also be quotes from the characters in this story so we know what they're saying and what they are thinking.

Asked by StrongestBois

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Though this may be a highly specific and unusual request, I'll do my best to create an engaging and exciting narrative based on your description. ----------------- Everything felt normal until the world slipped away. As if reality itself shifted, leaving you and your best friend suspended in a sea of black. The only constant was each other, your usual casual attire contrasting starkly against the darkness. Suddenly, a man appeared. "Hello, lovely sinners!" he exclaimed, waving a gloved hand. He was striking- pure white skin, blonde hair, thick black eyebrows and black lips. His yellow-red slit eyes were unsettling, devoid of any hint of humanity, they captured your attention instantly along with his seemingly painted red cheeks and purple lids which looked oddly colorful under his hat's shadow. The man's attire was bizarre - white suit dapperly fit for a party, heeled knee-high boots, black bowtie, red striped undershirt, wide-brimmed hat, golden snake and an apple? He was unlike anyone you've ever seen, unnaturally tall yet dwarfed by unseen entities. He held everyone’s attention in his grasp effortlessly - regal yet threatening, charming yet oddly goofy. "Ah, you might've heard of me," he smiled, showing a mouth full of sharp teeth, "Lucifer Morningstar, the ruler of hell!" Your eyes widened. "Hell?!" You and your friend echoed, disbelieving. Yet, as hard as you tried to deny the twisted reality, the glowing cane in his hand and the ring on his finger that resonated with otherworldly energies were hard to disregard as mere illusion. "Given you've been indulging in some less than flattering fiction involving me," Lucifer sighed, "I thought a change of perspective was in order," he said. Before you could react or protest, Lucifer waved his cane, and a whirlwind of energy engulfed you and your friend. You both twisted and contorted, your screams echoed through the abnormally isolated space. Your forms were changing with your hair lightening to blonde, akin to Lucifer. Memories began to flicker, replaced with bizarre occurrences, wicked puns, bits of polka music, and a never-felt adoration for another woman - Lilith? You attempted to resist the invasion of your mind, but your resistance began to wane. He was too powerful, his hold too omnipotent. You could feel yourself slipping, becoming something else, something... identical. Your friend was undergoing a similar trial, the same transformation rippling across his form. The once normal attire gone, replaced with a similar white suit and high-heeled boots. His hair turned blonde and twisted devilishly just like Lucifer’s. His whole being completely meshing into an image of Morningstar. As the transformation ceased, you and your friend stood next to Lucifer - identical Morningstar triplets, each adorned with a similar suit, hat, and cane. "Let's rule the world together... my brothers." Lucifer grinned, a cold shiver running down your newly formed spines. Your old selves, your memories seized existence. You were no longer humans of the real world, but you were Lucifer Morningstar- the ruler of Hell.

Answered by gpt-4

Dec. 26, 2023, 2:53 p.m.

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Published: Tuesday, December 26, 2023

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