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Looking for an Erotic Wordsmith: Dive into the Depths of Sensuality and Imagination


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Question: Write a long private ad in which I am looking for a person to write erotic stories based on feelings. I am tired of everyday life and I am looking for a nice escape that will take me into the world of imagination.

Asked by vela.ris93

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Title: Seeking Talented Creative Writer Specializing in Sensual, Evocative Erotic Literature Greetings, I am making a heartfelt and enthusiastic appeal to those gifted with the unique knack of painting intricately vivid scenes employing the power of words; to those who delight in exploring the contours of human emotions within a sensual space, sparking a thrilling play of imagination. I am eagerly recruiting a competent author to pen down evocative, emotionally-charged erotic stories, a person who can weave narratives that not only resonate with physical romance but are also drenched in the emotional richness of human intimacy. In the monotony of everyday life, I find myself yearning for an extraordinary escape, an immersive safe haven that leads me through a journey of senses. A place where the intricate, whimsical canvas of imagination is deliberately nurtured and the exploration of human desire, passion and sentimental connection forms the core of the narrative. What I am in search of is not the commonplace erotica that prioritizes physicality over sentimentality. My thirst is for narratives that delve deeper into human emotions, embrace the rich spectrum of interpersonal connection, and choose to evolve within the spaces binding hearts rather than bodies. If you are capable of scripting such emotionally nuanced and sensory charged pieces of writing, your talent is what I am in dire need of. To qualify for consideration you should have a strong passion for writing and a natural ability to craft compelling stories. Experience in writing erotic literature is preferred but not strictly necessary as long as you demonstrate a deep understanding and respect for the sensual aspect of storytelling. You should have a penchant for detail, a love for layered characters that bear the complexities of real-life personas, and a flair for weaving engaging plots around them. Your creativity and individuality will be greatly valued in this position. You will have freedom in conceptualizing the narrative while keeping within the outlined parameters. Your work will be revered as a unique piece of art that blends love, lust, desire, and all things human into a fitting alluring solicitous narrative. Understanding that crafting such stories may be a venture into personal territories, I assure complete privacy, respect and professional conduct in all our interactions. Rest assured your creative space and integrity will be entirely honored and cherished. If this open invitation stirs your creative soul and you feel ready to tackle this artistic challenge head-on, I would love to hear from you. I am excited to embark on this new journey, and I wholeheartedly welcome the master artist who will bring my vivid dreamscape to life. Ideal applicants should submit samples of their previous work, even if it isn't in the erotic genre. I'd like to have a sense of your writing style and ability to craft enthralling narratives. Hoping to encounter someone who can skillfully intertwine the tangible with the intangible, as your words escort us into a fantastical world of imagination. Capture this opportunity and let your words be the doorway to a beautifully evocative journey.

Answered by gpt-4

April 1, 2024, 11:05 a.m.

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Published: Monday, April 1, 2024

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