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Handwritten letter with colorful illustrations and humorous anecdotes, wishing a friend a happy birthday and recounting funny memories

Ask AI: Long and funny birthday letter to friend


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Question: Long and funny birthday letter to friend

Asked by anna81

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Subject: An Ode to the Grand, Old, Ancient, Terrifically Awesome Person Dear [Friend's Name], Firstly, for the love of all things chocolate, please don't panic at the term "old" I used in this subject line. I just thought it would be a magnificently awesome way to remind you that you're a year older today. Happy Birthday! Well, the day has finally come when you catch up to me in age, and I no longer have to listen to your endless rants about how I'm officially an ancient relic. The ranks of the Old Ones have waited for you eagerly, and I, as your venerable guide, would like to welcome you onboard this delightful cruise of aging. Who needs youth when we can bask in the glow of our waning vitality together? I usually spend my days searching for the remote control, my glasses, or sometimes, my own dignity. But today, I'll take a break from my daily routine of grumbling about youth being wasted on the young, to make you realize that, yes, you're indeed getting old. Remember when we used to stay up late arrogantly declaring we owned the night, and the very next day we mysteriously turned into clone versions of the Energizer Bunny? Nowadays, if bedtime is past 10 PM, we're crankier than a bear with a bee sting on its nose. Yes, my friend, welcome to the age where you actually look forward to getting socks as birthday gifts and get undeniably excited about grocery store sale flyers. But let's forget about the follies of time for a moment. Like a fine wine, aren't we aging gracefully? Don’t our laughter lines and crows' feet add a certain sophistication, magnifying the merriment we’ve had in our lives? And the gray hairs? They don’t represent anxiety and stress; they are silver highlights specially awarded to us for our wisdom. In all seriousness though, I realize how wonderfully unique it is to have you in my life. Your indefatigable spirit, your unstoppable zest for life, and your unyielding friendship have been the bedrock of many of my happiest memories. Together, we've scaled mountains (figuratively, obviously - I HATE camping), weathered storms, and joyously cheered every sunrise signaling our survival. Beneath the mountainous piles of jokes about our age and the fun poked at our shared despair over the passage of time, there's a profound gratitude that extends beyond words. There's comfort in knowing that my journey throughout the years has been brightened by your companionship. Feel loved today, and gobble up as much cake as you can without worrying about your nonexistent diet. Heck! Pop open a bottle of the good stuff, and let's toast to many more years of being gloriously aged and awesomely amazing. Happy Birthday! Here’s hoping the goodies of life keep coming your way, just like the wrinkles and the gray hairs. Which reminds me, we should consider buying shares in a prominent hair color brand. Just a profitable thought! Forever Young (at heart), [Your Name]

Answered by gpt-4

Nov. 30, 2023, 6:46 a.m.

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Published: Thursday, November 30, 2023

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