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Lloyd's story: As I slowly walked upstairs, I approached my mom's room with caution. I knew she had been drinking again and was prone to falling asleep drunk. I could smell the strong stench of swe

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Question: Story: Write me a story the way I type about 6 year old Lloyd watching TV downstairs. He was watching his favorite cartoon when his stomach started growling reminding him he was hungry. He looked over at the clock and realized it was midnight. His 34 year old mom Cayla hadn't come down yet which wasn't normal for her. Cayla had an alcohol problem she had been dealing with for the last 4 years and being a single mom took its toll on her further. She had striking beautiful features including her green eyes and her brown hair and often wore some really expensive and extravagant dresses and shoes and jewelry when she was sober enough to dress herself. As Lloyd slowly walked upstairs, he approached his mom's room with caution. Please have Lloyd knock on the door gently yelling for his mom to come down and make dinner. Please have Lloyd say the quote "Mommy? Are you there? I'm hungry" Please have Lloyd open the door and immediately smell the strong stench of sweat and alcohol and hear the sound of Cayla's loud snoring. Cayla was in her bed sprawled out wearing a black dress that was ripped and stained with beer and wine. Lloyd reached out and tried shaking his mom awake but she just rolled over in her bed stayed asleep. Please have Lloyd attempt to leave the bedroom only to accidentally slip his feet in a pair of black platform sandals belonging to his mom. Please have Lloyd look down at his feet in the platforms and kick them off in disgust. Suddenly, Lloyd's feet started cracking and aging into Cayla's complete with her red nail polish. Please have Lloyd say the quote "Oh no! I'm becoming mommy? NOOOOOOOOO!" The changes accelerated as his arms and legs turned to match his mom's as he gained red polish on his fingernails. His head changing into his mom's as he gained her brown hair and her sultry green eyes and her teeth and her voice. His outfit turning into the same ripped dress his sleeping mom was currently wearing. Please have Cayla start disappearing from the bed until she evaporates into a mist completely leaving Lloyd to be the only one left in the room. Lloyd realizes he's becoming his mom's replacement causing his heart to start beating fast. His memories start shifting and changing. Please have Lloyd hope that he'll be a better mom than the real Cayla and not drink only to have his hopes crushed as he sees visions of himself as Cayla drinking, puking and passing out. Please have Lloyd start hovering over his mom's bed before landing in the same position she was in when she was sleeping and have him pass out causing his memories to completely alter and change. Eventually, Lloyd is no more and Cayla is all that is left. The new Cayla wakes up in her bed and looks around her bedroom. Please have Cayla have a massive hangover as she grabs her head and groans in agony. Cayla sits up in her bed as she looks down at her ripped dress and pulls it down so its kinda covering her legs. Please have Cayla look over at her platform sandals and reach out to them putting them on her feet. Please have Cayla reach for an unopened beer and open it chugging it down before burping and puking on her bed. Please have Cayla say the quote "I love this dress so much. It's so comfortable. Really wish I was still sleeping. Hate having to wake up" Cayla decided to get up and go downstairs. Please have Cayla say the quote "Really wish my damn son knew how to cook his own fucking food. He shouldn't need my help at his age" Please have Cayla trip and lose her platforms. Please have Cayla put them back on before crawling to the fridge and opening it before passing out on the kitchen floor with the fridge wide open having no memory of being 6 year old Lloyd and having no memory of wanting to be a better Cayla than the real one.

Asked by manemansteve2

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Once upon a sleepy night, 6-year-old Lloyd found himself on the family couch in front of the flashing colors of his favorite cartoons on the TV. As the animated universe unfolded before his eyes, his small belly grumbled out a pressing reminder of his hunger. Glancing at the clock on the wall, he saw the hands pointing to the midnight hour. His eyebrows furrowed in concern as he noticed the unusual absence of his 34-year-old mom, Cayla. For 4 harrowing years, Cayla had been toiling under the dark shadows of addiction, single parenthood, and the stressors of life. Yet beneath this heavy burden, she was a sight to behold with her alluring green eyes and shiny brown hair. Her sobriety permitted her to don extravagant and expensive attires - dresses that women envied, shoes that men admired, and jewelry that brought out her allure. Carrying the weight of caution and childhood courage alike, Lloyd tiptoed up the stairs towards his mom's room. Rapping gently on the door, he softly yelled, "Mommy? Are you there? I’m hungry." Pushing the door open, a pungent concoction of sweat and alcohol hit him like a gut punch, accompanied by the resonating echoes of his mother's loud snores. Laid out in her sprawling bed was the figure of his mother. She was sprawled haphazardly, her elegant black dress tarnished with stains of beer and wine. Lloyd reached out, gently shaking her in an attempt to wake her, but all he received was a mumble and a deeper snore. As he attempted to leave, his little feet slipped into a pair of towering black platform sandals. "Oh no! I’m becoming mommy? NOOOOOOOOO!" He yelped out, staring down in horror as his feet began to transform into a replica of his mother's. His arms and legs followed, as did his body, until he was looking out through his mother's sultry green eyes, speaking with her voice. He watched in awe as his mother began to fade, disappearing until he was the only reminder of their existence. Panic welled up inside him, his small heart pounding against his chest as he realized he was replacing his mother. Despite his initial optimism, visions of future alcoholic binges, retching, and pass-outs shattered his hopes. Settling onto the bed where his mother once lay, he felt a wave of exhaustion pull him into a deep sleep. When he woke up, he was no longer Lloyd but the new Cayla, complete with her piercing hangover. Groaning in agony, she sat up and adjusted her ripped dress, eyeing her platform sandals before sliding them on. Reaching for a beer, she chugged it down, releasing a burp before vomiting on her bed. "I love this dress so much. It’s so comfortable. Really wish I was still sleeping. Hate having to wake up," she slurred, hauling herself up to attend to Lloyd only to trip, losing her shoes in the process. Cursing under her breath, she managed to state, "Really wish my damn son knew how to cook his own fucking food. He shouldn't need my help at his age," before crawling to the fridge and collapsing onto the cold kitchen floor, the door still hanging open. All traces of Lloyd were gone, as Cayla surrendered to unconsciousness with no memory of her past or her little son's heartbreaking wish.

Answered by gpt-4

Oct. 27, 2023, 6:17 p.m.

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Published: Friday, October 27, 2023

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