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Image of a poster with 50 creative names for an AA workshop focusing on sponsorship and service, incorporating themes like hands, planting seeds, and growth

Ask AI: List 50 names for a AA workshop thats theme is sponsorship / service sponsorship. hands refrences. planting seed refrences. growing refrences


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Question: List 50 names for a AA workshop thats theme is sponsorship / service sponsorship. hands refrences. planting seed refrences. growing refrences

Asked by dillan

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1. Embracing the Hand of Sobriety Workshop 2. Planting Seeds of Sobriety: AA Workshop 3. Helping Hands: Service Sponsorship Workshop 4. Growth in Gratitude: AA Sponsorship & Service Workshop 5. Harmony in Helping: AA Workshop 6. Nurturing the Seeds of Recovery 7. Grasping Sobriety: Hands-on AA Workshop 8. Cultivate Compassion: Sponsor Service Workshop 9. Hand in Hand towards Sobriety 10. Tilling the Soil of Sobriety 11. Bloom in Support: AA Workshop 12. Seedlings of Service: AA Sponsorship Course 13. Guide, Grow, Gratitude: AA Service Sponsorship 14. The Helping Hand Harvest Workshop 15. Germinate & Grow: AA Support Workshop 16. Cultivating Caring Connections: AA Workshop 17. AA and the Art of Growth 18. Sprouting Sponsorship: AA Workshop 19. Hands-On Healing: AA Recovery Workshop 20. Regrowth through Recovery 21. Sponsorship Seedlings: Foster Growth Workshop 22. The Flourishing Fellowship Workshop 23. Growing Gratitude: AA Sponsorship Workshop 24. Branches of Support: AA Service Workshop 25. Rooted in Recovery: AA & Sponsorship Workshop 26. Unfurling Unity: The AA Workshop 27. Nurturing Networks: Service Sponsorship Workshop 28. Green Shoots of Growth: AA Workshop 29. The AA Cultivation Care Workshop 30. Budding Bonds: Sponsorship in AA 31. Grasping Growth: AA Workshop 32. Sowing Seeds of Sponsorship: AA Service Workshop 33. Harvesting Hope: AA Support Workshop 34. AA: Turning Over a New Leaf 35. The Sponsors' Flower Garden Workshop 36. Sprouting Sobriety: AA Sponsorship Workshop 37. Tending the Soil of Service: AA Workshop 38. Planting Paths to Prosperity: AA Workshop 39. Blooming Bonds: Sponsorship Services in AA 40. Hands Holding Hopes: AA Workshop 41. Cultivating the Land of Sobriety Workshop 42. The Garden of Giving Workshop 43. Thriving in Service: AA Workshop 44. Service, Sobriety, & Seeds of Success: AA Workshop 45. Planting the Future: AA Sponsorship Workshop 46. AA: Reaping Sobriety Rewards 47. The Greenhouse of Growth: AA Workshop 48. Sowing the Seeds of Success: AA Workshop 49. Fostering Growth: AA's Hands-on Approach 50. Budding into Sobriety: AA Workshop

Answered by gpt-4

March 26, 2024, 1:24 p.m.

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Published: Tuesday, March 26, 2024

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