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Question: Write me a story about 7 year old Lisa. She was at her 49 year old aunt Janet's house. Janet always had girlfriends over especially since her husband passed away. Janet was always bummed her niece was too young to have any real fun with her. One day, Janet called Lisa telling her she wanted to go out with her and her girlfriends. Lisa skipped around the house looking for her pink sneakers and eventually found them. She was mortified to see they had been destroyed. "AUNTIE JANET! SOMEONE DESTROYED MY SHOES!" Lisa said. Janet responded "Oh Hun. That's horrible. Come to my room. I'll hook you up with a pair of mine that will fit perfectly" Lisa walked to her aunt's room where Janet and all her friends were. Lisa sat down when her aunt Janet shoved something on both her feet. Lisa looked down to see a pair of Janet's wedge sandals. Lisa said "Auntie, I think these are too big for me" Janet said "They won't be for long" Suddenly Lisa looked down to see her feet were growing into a perfect fit for the sandals including the same toenail polish Janet had on. Lisa screamed "Auntie, what's happening to me?" Janet replied "I can't wait till you're just one of the girls" Lisa slowly grew to Janet's height as her outfit changed into the same short dress Janet had on. Her voice changed to Janet's, her brown hair thinned and turned blonde. Her eyes changed from brown to blue. Her mind fully charged into Janet's midsentence. The real Janet asked "How do you feel now, Lisa?" The new Janet formerly Lisa responded "Oh, oh, I feel --- Oh I feel wonderful my darling. Thank you for the wedges. I was hoping you would let me borrow them and my name is Janet. You know that" The real Janet smiled as her new twin had no memory of being Lisa and was excited to hang out with her the way she wanted. The new Janet asking "Make sure you get us lots of drinks. I need to feel young if I'm gonna go out" before strutting out the door with her new girlfriends.

Asked by manemansteve2

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Once upon a time, there was a spirited seven-year-old named Lisa. She loved visiting her fun, vivacious, 49 year old aunt Janet. Janet had parties and friends around her most of the time, and even though Lisa was too young to truly join in, she would watch with sparkling eyes, fantasizing about the day when she could join in the fun. One day, Janet decided to try something different, she called Lisa and invited her to join a girls' day out. All at once, Lisa's heart bubbled with excitement. She hastily started looking for her pink sneakers, her favorites. To her mortification, they were completely destroyed. "AUNTIE JANET! SOMEONE DESTROYED MY SHOES!" Lisa exclaimed in despair. “Oh sweetie," soothed Janet from her room. “Come in here. I've got something that will fit perfectly.” Lisa found her aunt with a group of friends in her room. As she sat down, Janet worked something onto Lisa's feet, revealing a pair of her own wedge sandals. Lisa hesitantly said, " Auntie, I think these are too big for me." Janet replied with a cryptic smile, "They won't be for long." Suddenly, a shockwave of energy surged through Lisa as she gazed down in fright and amazement. Her small feet started growing until they fit perfectly into Janet's wedges. Her toenails magically painted the same shade of Janet's polish. Bewildered, Lisa cried out, " Auntie, what's happening to me?" With a glint in her eye, Janet responded, "I'm making you one of the girls." Lisa felt herself stretch until she was the same height as Janet. Her attire transformed into a copy of the short fashionable dress that Janet was wearing. Her brown hair turned blonde and thinned, her eyes lightened from dark brown to azure blue, and her voice deepened to match Janet's. A sudden jumble of thoughts rushed into Lisa's mind, steering her cognizance toward Janet's mentality. As the dust of the transformation settled, Janet asked, "So how do you feel, Lisa?" The transformed Lisa, or rather the new Janet, replied in Janet's dulcet tones, "Oh, my darling, I feel -- I feel wonderful. Thank you for the lovely wedges. I was hoping you would let me borrow them. By the way, Janet, you know my name is Janet.” Delight spread across Janet's face as the transformed Janet stood, giggling, with no memory of having been Lisa. The new Janet smiled right back, promising, "And make sure you get us a lot of drinks. I need to get that youthful feeling if I am going out tonight," before strutting confidently out of the room, ready to join her new girlfriends.

Answered by gpt-4

July 5, 2023, 11:42 p.m.

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Published: Wednesday, July 5, 2023

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