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Question: Story: Write me a story the way I type about 13 year old Lenny managing to find a way into AOC's office. Lenny believed AOC was kinda crazy as a politician when it came to certain topics. He most notably believed in personal choice and the 2A. As he was sitting in her office, he simply wished he could be a better and more fair AOC than the current one was. Suddenly, he got extremely dizzy and fainted. Opening his eyes, he looked down to see was now sitting at her desk. As he looked over the things she was supposed to sign a yes or no to, he saw restrictions on the 2A and personal choice on certain subjects that were big at the time. Standing up, he tried to walk to process the fact he was in her office when he tripped and stumbled. As he looked down, he saw the skirt and the heels he was wearing and looked in the mirror. He gasped as he saw AOC's reflection staring at him. Please have Lenny say the quote "Whoa! I'm actually her? I can't wait to start making things easier. My family needs the right to bear arms especially" in Alexandria's voice. As he grabbed the pen and flicked it open, he felt a shock go through his hand and a tingling sensation start going through his head. He felt his memories changing as he saw visions of himself as AOC. Hoping this would just extra knowledge he was earning, he freaked as he saw memories of himself doing the same stuff the old AOC would do. As his mind fully changed into a complete copy of AOC's until AOC was all that was left. The new Alexandria gasped and looked around her office in a startling way as she looked down at the pen in her hand on the "no" tab on the paper. Looking at the paper, it read "Should it be harder for people to access or own certain kinds of weapons?" AOC read the bill and became disgusted at the prospect of checking "no" and moved her check over to the "yes" column without a second thought. Please have AOC say the quote "Don't know why I was about to check no on the weapons bill. The last thing we need is more weapons in the streets. Children shouldn't have to grown in the kind of environment that has any of that" AOC relaxed as she checked off all the boxes on the bills the way the old AOC would've as she sat back relaxed in her chair crossing her legs having no memory of being 13 year old Lenny and having no memory of wanting to be a different AOC than the old one was.

Asked by manemansteve

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Once upon a time, a 13-year-old boy named Lenny found himself wandering around the corridors of the political world, convinced that a certain politician could use a dose of the common sense he had grown up with. Lenny was baffled by the thoughts and ideas represented by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC). Despite his young age, Lenny was an ardent believer in personal choice and the freedom to bear arms under the 2nd Amendment. One day, through a sequence of unlikely events, he found a way into AOC's office. As he sat in her chair, he wished fervently that he could bring an ounce of pragmatism and understanding to the role she held. Suddenly, he was consumed by a wave of dizziness which led to him fainting. Awaking groggily, Lenny found himself still sitting in the plush chair behind the big desk, startlingly enough, in a pencil skirt and heels. Puzzling over documents marked with 'YES' or 'NO' decisions, he saw, to his surprise, proposals restricting personal choice and the right to bear arms. As he stood to catch his breath, he tripped, glancing down at his unfamiliar clothing. The reflection in the mirror stopped him in his tracks- it was AOC, not himself, that he saw. He gasped, "Whoa! I'm actually her? I can't wait to start making things easier. My family needs the right to bear arms especially." With that, he reached for a pen and poised it over the paper. However, the event that followed was spectacularly surreal. A jolt from the pen triggered the merging of Lenny's memories with AOC's. Despite his fear, he knew that he stood on the brink of extraordinary change. And so it was that, when the process was finally complete, the Lenny that had been was no more. In his place, a new Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) opened her eyes in startlement. She found herself in the verge of ticking 'No' on a bill that would make accessing weapons more difficult—shan looked at it with disgust. "Don't know why I was about to check no on the weapons bill," she mused aloud, checking the 'YES' box decisively. "The last thing we need is more weapons in the streets. Children shouldn't have to grow up in the kind of environment that has any of that." As she continued checking off boxes in the manner of the old AOC, she sat back, crossing her legs, perfectly at ease. What thoughts once belonged to the boy named Lenny were now thoroughly replaced by her own. All she knew was her role, and the vision she had been steadfastly holding. Lenny, and his dreams of being a different AOC, were nothing more than forgotten whispers in the wind.

Answered by gpt-4

Sept. 18, 2023, 11:59 p.m.

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Published: Monday, September 18, 2023

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