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Kill Charlie Morningstar


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Question: Write a POV story of the human reader fighting and attempting to survive against (evil) Charlie Morningstar (from the Hazbin Hotel series made by VivziePop).

Asked by MixelsAreCool

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You wake up abruptly, but everything is still pitch black. The smell of sulfur and ash hangs heavy in the air. You know where you are before you can see it - hell. You are in the Hazbin Hotel. Suddenly, the room is lit by the glow of a burning ember. The ember intensifies and a figure takes shape. Your heart drops. You know who it is before he introduces himself. The name "Charlie Morningstar," ominously escapes his lips. Bursting out of the darkness is a tall, lean demonic figure. His perfectly styled black hair as dark as night frames a malevolent grin. That signature gold eye and red eye watch you like a predator sizing up its prey. Something’s off though; this Charlie Morningstar seems darker, more evil than the one you usually know from the Hazbin Hotel series. You gather every ounce of your courage to face him. "You will not survive this," Morningstar drawls, his voice sending shivers down your spine. But you’re determined. You’ve seen enough of this series to know just how dangerous he could be but you won't go down easily. Sandwiched in a deadly battle of wit and power, you search for any weapon. There are remnants of a bleak world around you, a rusty pipe. You grab it, giving you a feeling of minor comfort, despite knowing full well that against Charlie’s demon fire, it would do little good. Seeing your move, Charlie smirks, "Is that your weapon? Really?" Laughter echoes around you. Taking a deep breath, you make your move. "You don't know what I'm capable of, Morningstar." You charge at him, adrenaline amplifying your senses. You swing your pipe with all your might at his figure, but Charlie simply sidesteps, his laughter filling the room. His fiery attack engulfs everything but you manage to barely dodge it, the heat singeing your clothes. You quickly yank off your burning shirt, all the while searching for an opening, a weakness. You recall from the series, the softer side of Charlie, his complicated relationship with his family. You decide to use your knowledge against him. "Is that why you're doing this, Charlie? To prove to your dad that you're a worthy son?" You yell out. For the first time, his mocking smirk wavers. Though the fight continues, Charlie seems disturbed. "You know nothing, human!" His voice rings out with more emotion than before. In the smoke, you stumble upon a broken mirror shard. Charlie is a demon of vanity - maybe the sight of his monstrous eyes could disorient him. You quickly snatch the shard, holding it aloft just as Charlie lunges at you. His grotesque reflection shocks him and you seize the opportunity to strike him with your pipe. He stumbles, hisses, but doesn't fall. You're exhausted, but seeing Charlie affected gives you hope. What hurts him isn’t physical but emotional. "You're not evil, Charlie! Prove your father, prove hell wrong!" You shout, hoping it will reach him. Charlie pauses, considering your words. But evil Charlie couldn’t be defeated so easily. With a roar, he thrusts another wave of fire. This time, however, you deflect some of it with your mirror shard, and it hits Charlie directly. The following silence is chilling. Slowly, Charlie emerges from the flames - weaker, angrier. The fight continues, but you have damaged him more profoundly than any physical blow. "What does it profit a man to gain the world but lose his soul, Charlie?" You ask. In that moment, Charlie breaks. Defeated not by violence but by his own inner demons. He grimaces, backing away into the darkness from where he came. You are barely standing, but you are standing nonetheless. This fight wasn’t about strength or power; it was about wisdom and understanding. You survived, not merely by your physical strength, but by your mental strength. You realize, even in hell, even against Charlie Morningstar, good can triumph over evil. And then, gently but certainly, you collapse onto the ash-covered floor. The last thing you see before you faint is the Hazbin Hotel sign still blinking weakly in the distance.

Answered by gpt-4

Nov. 21, 2023, 10:07 p.m.

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Published: Tuesday, November 21, 2023

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