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Jurassic World Evolution 3: The Ultimate Paleontological Paradise


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Question: Write a concept for a sequel for the video game Jurassic World Evolution 2, titled "Jurassic World Evolution 3", containing every feature (including but not limited to both game's default species, the first game's herbivore feeders, etc) and modes from both "Jurassic World Evolution" and "Jurassic World Evolution 2", in addition to new paleo-accurate cosmetics for every species (giving scientifically accurate looks, behaviors, animations, and possibly sounds rather than the original inaccurate ones), an optional feather genome for all appropriate species (Deinonychus, Atrociraptor, Proceratosaurus, etc), a bioluminescent (Lux) genome for all species, new "Jurassic Park Operation Genesis"-based cosmetics for every species that were originally from the video game Jurassic Park Operation Genesis, new carnivore feeders (not just goats, but also cows, pigs, and deer), invisible aviaries, interconnection between tanks and land enclosures, having all the DLC animals of Jurassic World Evolution 2 as default species in Jurassic World Evolution 3, a survival mode (for players who want to survive in their own creative/survival maps in first-person (POV) mode and try to survive the species already present in those worlds, and the people who survive will be rewarded lots of in-game money), new animal reproduction features and eggs/babies (thus allowing petting zoos in the game, alongside naturally small species like Sinosauropteryx), new large predatory marine reptile animations attacking land prey, new aquatic species' social animations, pterosaurs' walking animations, better hunting mechanics for carnivores, sauropods and hadrosaurs being able to fight back when attacked, the game having less terrain or building constraints, better terrain editing, variable water depths tool (allowing swimming dinosaurs and pterosaurs), waterfalls, natural lagoons (for aquatic species like marine reptiles to live and land animals such as dinosaurs to drink), all terrains for all maps, all foliage types for all maps, guest bridges and elevated walkways, customizable signs, guest-useable benches and trash bins, new paths (staff-only paths, variable path colors and widths, and viewing range on paths), stairs, new decorations (more dinosaur skeletons and statues), recolorable decorations, park transport tunnels, glass tunnels for tank species (marine reptiles, etc), better species interactions (no dinosaurs clipping through each other), instant incubation for creative mode, skin previews for for hatcheries that are for species not incubated or released yet, dinosaur shelters, new attractions (like the Cretaceous Cruise, Balloon Tour, Petting Zoo, Log Viewing Gallery, Viewing Bubble), an optional grid overlay while building (to help with alignment of decorations and buildings), buildings having an option to not include concrete footprints/paths, decorations not having hitboxes (so they could overlap with each other), customizable island maps, caves, optional seasons for maps (spring, summer, autumn, and winter), a proper Site B mode, custom hybrids feature (allowing players to mix two species and create new hybrid dinosaurs, pterosaurs, etc for their game, and players have an option to save their hybrids for later), new dinosaur and other species (including Argentinosaurus), VR compatibility, and many more. With all of these, this game could be a perfect Jurassic World Evolution game.

Asked by dylan7

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That sounds like an ambitious and immersive vision for Jurassic World Evolution 3. To make it more manageable and coherent, here's a refined version that's been consolidated into a high-level concept: Title: Jurassic World Evolution 3 – Age of Discovery Jurassic World Evolution 3 is a revolutionary sequel in the series, incorporating all features from the earlier editions and introducing numerous realistic adaptations for an immersive experience. Players will be offered a rich palette of scientifically accurate cosmetic adjustments for each species, including behaviours, animations, and potentially even sounds. Gameplay enhancements will include a feather genome for apt species and a bioluminescent genome, adding further dimensions to the visual diversity. Rounding out the biomes will be a variety of new feeders that can cater to varied carnivores, and the inclusion of invisible aviaries and interconnections between land and water habitats. Evolving from the scenarios in its precursors, the game will introduce a new survival mode. In this, players immerse in their unique creative landscapes and strive for survival against existing species. Successful survival will grant the players hefty in-game rewards. Further depth will come into play through new animal reproduction features, including eggs and babies, large predator interactions with land prey, enhanced carnivore hunting mechanics, and counterattack abilities for herbivores. The game will provide an easier, more intuitive terrain building experience, including varying water depths, waterfalls, natural lagoons, and every type of terrain and foliage for all maps. The game will embrace five-star park management with guest-useable additions, customizable signs, new path options and stairs, expanded decorations, recolorable elements, and transport and viewing tunnels. For an immersive guest experience, new attractions will be added, such as Cretaceous Cruise, Balloon Tour, and Petting Zoos with smaller dinosaur species. To assist in building, an optional grid overlay will be incorporated. Players will have the freedom to shape and customize the game's map, and an optional seasons mode will add a new variable to park management. In an expansion of the campaign, a 'Site B' mode will be added, giving players the opportunity to experiment and create hybrid species, combining different dinosaur traits. The game will also introduce the thrilling Argentinosaurus among the new species, complementing all existing animals and DLCs. Finally, the sequel will come incorporated with VR compatibility, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in dinosaur simulators. This intriguing new realm – with its unique intermix of creativity, survival, management, and evolution – is what makes Jurassic World Evolution 3 the ultimate evolution game.

Answered by gpt-4

May 2, 2024, 2:56 a.m.

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Published: Thursday, May 2, 2024

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