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Question: Write me a story about 18 year old Jeff at his girlfriend Lauren's house watching it for her. She had moved out of her parent's very early and just needed Jeff to watch for her for a few days. A little bit of work piling up, Jeff decided to do it for Lauren while she was gone. He knew about Lauren's ex boyfriend Todd and Todd's 25 year old sister Abby who was very protective of her younger brother. Todd hadn't really bothered Lauren for a while but Abby hadn't let her forget what she had done to her younger brother. As Jeff made his way through the house cleaning it, he finished with Lauren's room. He was gathering up her laundry when he accidentally slipped his feet into a pair of wedge sandals. They definitely didn't look like a pair of shoes Lauren would ever wear then a scary memory flashed through his mind. Abby had confronted Lauren and Jeff one day while they were at Lauren's house and she was wearing the same wedge sandals that day. Wondering if she was still in the house, he couldn't find her anywhere but suddenly his own feet shrunk and aged into Abby's even getting her pedicure. Grossed out by this and afraid of becoming her, he desperately tried to text Lauren for help but the changes accelerated as he shrunk to Abby's height and his hair turned long and black as his eyes turned brown. He gained a tattoo of Abby holding Todd as a baby and his outfit changed into short shorts and a crop top. His memories fading until Jeff only remembered himself as Abby. The new Abby confused at first made herself at home in her little brother's ex girlfriend's house. Going into Lauren's room, Abby spotted her wedge sandals and walked over to them slipping them on. She then loudly thumped over to Lauren's bedroom mirror admiring the wedges as she said "Still a cuter and more expensive pair of shoes than anything Lauren could ever own" Abby then spotted the phone belonging to Jeff, Lauren's current boyfriend on the ground. Anger consuming her, she walked over stomping on the phone with her wedges. "Seriously, what did my little brother not have that this loser Jeff does?" Abby said huffing to herself. Some house sitter he was. Abby being able to walk in with her loud shoes undetected. Abby decided to help herself to some food before leaving in case Jeff caught her not knowing she was the one who used to be Jeff.

Asked by manemansteve

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Six days later, Lauren returned home to find the place in immaculate order, besides a broken phone and a pair of very posh wedge sandals that weren't hers. She picked up Jeff's broken phone, wondering what happened. Alarmed that he wouldn't leave without his phone she called out for him "Jeff? Are you here?" but there was no response, just the echoes of her own voice throughout the tidy house. She had no idea that Jeff had not left. A missing Jeff didn't add up with a cleaned house, and a broken phone. A few days later, after she'd called out to her friends and nobody had heard from Jeff, she decided to dig deep and she found the last number he texted was hers. The message was barely sent before it was abruptly cut off but it read, "Abby's he..." Abby. Lauren's heart sunk. The wedge sandals.. they were Abby's. Lauren felt a wave of terror. She immediately reached out to Todd, whom she barely had contact with since breaking up. "Todd, I think Abby might have done something to Jeff." She confessed, "My house was cleaned, Jeff's phone is broken and Abby's wedge sandals were in my room. Jeff texted me that Abby's here and then he just... disappeared." Todd didn't particularly like Lauren after what had transpired between them, but he knew his sister could be vindictive and if Lauren's theory was right, this was another level of insanity. He promised Lauren he would talk to Abby about Jeff and would keep her updated. Lauren, with a heavy heart, could only wait, pray and hope that Jeff was safe somewhere. Although she resented Abby, she found it difficult to believe that she could cause someone to disappear completely. Days turned into weeks but Jeff was nowhere to be found. Neither Todd nor Abby had any considerably helpful information about Jeff. Eventually, everyone had to move on. They hoped Jeff was safe, wherever he was and that someday he would come back. But no one, including Lauren, had the slightest clue that Jeff hadn't left at all – he was Abby.

Answered by gpt-4

July 16, 2023, 12:46 p.m.

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Published: Sunday, July 16, 2023

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