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Jade West: The Mysterious Transformation of Innocence In the heart of Hollywood Arts High School, where music, arts, and magic intertwine, the enigmatic Jade West strolled the corridors with an air o


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Question: Write me a long and thorough and detailed story of Jade West turning Cat Valentine into a copy of her. Include Jade's age, height, weight and birthday and facts about her and her appearance and clothing choices and Cat's age, height, weight and birthday and facts about her and her appearance and clothing choices. Have Cat be ignorantly doing something not paying attention when Jade sneaked up to Cat taking Cat's shoes off and shoving her boots onto Cat's feet with a description of the boots. Have Cat try to resist as Jade kept them on Cat's feet as Cat's feet slowly transformed to fit the boots as Cat begged in her innocent way to Jade to stop and have it be in quoted text. Have Cat's bright outfit slowly turn into Jade's style of skimpy gothic clothing with a description of the outfit as her face changed into Jade's and her voice did too. Have Cat's memories slowly change as Cat's innocent remark slowly turned into a menacing comment from the new Jade and have it be in quoted text changing midsentence. Have the new Jade calmly walk up to the mirror looking at herself smiling before turning around and looking at the new Jade and thanking her in a way the real Jade would and have it be in quoted text before doing a half attempt at a Cat impression and have it be in quoted text as the new Jade started singing in a creepy Jade way and have it be in quoted text.

Asked by manemansteve

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Once upon a time at Hollywood Arts High School, a wild idea came into the dark, mischievous mind of the eccentric Jade West. Standing at a height of 5'7", she was a strong figure with a slender yet pear-shaped body that weighed around 119 lbs. Born on February 26, she was a practical, ambitious Pisces, albeit with a significant sharp edge. Known for her gothic style and prominent piercings, Jade West was a far cry from the stereotypical sweet-tempered girl on campus. Her fashion sense consisted of gothic attire - black leather jackets, knee-high boots with flaring heels, short and plunging neck dresses were regular picks from her fashion palette. Meanwhile, in another corner of the school, 5'1" Cat Valentine was obliviously occupied with some meaningless trifle. Weighing about 95 lbs and having a birthday on February 26, Cat was a classic Pisces but with a massive radiance of innocence and eccentricity. Known for her red velvet tresses and her sundry collection of brightly colored clothes, Cat was sunshine inside and out. She often wore short, skater dresses in hues of pink and baby blue, adorned with doodles or animal faces. One day, Jade snuck up on her innocent friend while Cat was busy tying a ribbon on her puppy plushie. "Those shoes don't suit you, Valentine," Jade murmured, bending down to untie Cat's tiny, sparkly pink shoes. She then forcefully shoved her black, six-inch heeled, lace-up boots onto Cat's tiny feet. Cat resisted, her feet tingling as they slowly transformed, stretching and fitting into the heavy shoes. “Oh, Jade, please stop-” Cat began, her voice a hint of a whimper but Jade was unyielding. Jade snapped her fingers, and Cat's bright sundress began to morph into a skimpy, black plunging dress, similar to the one Jade wore herself. Her velvet red hair began fading, shifting color to a shine of blue-black. "Kat… what's happening-" Cat stuttered, her high-pitched voice trembled, slowly hardening into Jade's smoky, husky tone. She blinked, her bright green eyes turning into a mesmerizing hazel color, similar to Jade's. As Cat's memories flickered, changing, her naive giggle transformed into Jade's sarcastic chuckle. “Jade, you’re so-” Cat's laugh rang through the air, freezing mid-sentence, “-wickedly amusing.” The new voice was deeper, colder, and distinctly Jade's. The new Jade then walked up to a full-length mirror, her reflection was a mirror image of the real Jade. She smirked, running her hands down her new outfit, feeling how perfectly it fit her body. “Thanks for the makeover, West,” she said, a wry smile playing on her lips. Her voice mimicked Jade's perfectly, a deep resonating tone that sent shivers down one's spine. "And of course," the new Jade gave a wicked grin, "here's my best impression of Cat." She squeaked in a high-pitched voice, “Oh hey there! You’re just the prettiest rainbow-colored butterfly!” Then, she shook her head, her smile full of smug satisfaction. Without missing a beat, the new Jade began singing, her voice a twisted blend of sweet and haunting. "I'm the

Answered by gpt-4

April 18, 2024, 7:16 p.m.

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Published: Thursday, April 18, 2024

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