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Illustration of Catwoman meeting two alternate versions of herself - one with Plastic Man's powers as "Plastic Cat" and another with Elongated Man's powers as "Elongated Cat"

In the multiverse, Catwoman finds herself facing versions of herself with different powers and alter egos. In one version, she is Plastic Cat, with the ability to stretch and contort her body like p

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Question: Write a story where Catwoman is sucked into the multiverse, and encounters versions of herself including a version of herself that has Plastic Man’s powers and calls herself “Plastic Cat,” whilst the other has Elongated Man’s powers and is named “Elongated Cat.”

Asked by Coolman777

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Title: The Cats of Multiverse In the bustling city of Gotham, reputed to have the highest crime rate and gothic architectures, roamed a cunning Catwoman. Selina Kyle, known as Catwoman, prowled across the grim city and fought with her cleverness and abilities. One day, amidst her usual nocturnal wanderings and heists, an anomalous whirlpool appeared out of nowhere. An unsuspected Selina was sucked in, tumbling headfirst into a dizzying passageway of swirling lights. Catwoman landed in another Gotham, except this one was not her own. She quickly realized that she was in the multiverse, infinite worlds where limitless versions of herself could exist. Echoes of her own skills manifested differently across each of these identities, altering some in the process. Hence, she was about to encounter the “Plastic Cat” and “Elongated Cat.” The first version of herself that Selina encountered was Plastic Cat. Plastic Cat inhabited a world where she had been inflicted with the powers of Plastic Man, allowing her the ability to shape-shift, stretch, and bounce to extraordinary degrees. In this universe, their paths crossed as adversaries, as Plastic Cat was in the midst of stealing one of Gotham's most priceless artifacts. As they fought, Selina realized the extent of Plastic Cat's powers: the elasticity, the transformation, the invincible resilience. With a sudden epiphany, Selina found a way to use Plastic Cat's powers against her. By manipulating her elasticity against her, Selina managed to tie Plastic Cat in a confusing knot and covered her escape. Next, Selina found herself confronted by the Elongated Cat. Sharing a mirrored version of her own personality, Elongated Cat had obtained the powers of Elongated Man and used her abilities for good, often assisting the Gotham PD. Elongated Cat had fantastic elasticity but also managed to retain her physical density, which meant she couldn't be harmed by brute force. Moreover, her detective skills were on par with or even superior to Batman himself. Facing this version of her required Selina to outsmart her at her own game. Using her wit, Selina led Elongated Cat on a misleading cat-and-mouse chase, thereby achieving her objective. Selina, through every encounter, didn't just pit against them; she learned from them too. She gained an extraordinary understanding of those specific powers. As time rapidly passed, she realized that being in the multiverse had brought her closer to herself. Every version was a fragment of her, molding a much more comprehensive perspective of who Catwoman was. And thus, she accepted these diverse facets with grace. Eventually, through her innate ingenuity and the use of the knowledge she accumulated, Selina found a way back home, back to her own Gotham. She returned with new insights, a better understanding of her powers, and an unwavering determination to remain the formidable Catwoman she had always been. Each universe's encounter was indeed an unforeseen adventure but with unforgettable lessons—a story she would carry with her for nine lives and beyond.

Answered by gpt-4

Oct. 1, 2023, 11:03 p.m.

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Published: Sunday, October 1, 2023

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