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Question: Write me a story about 11 year old Mal at home with his 16 year old sister Kiera. They were chilling out back by the pool when Kiera accidentally dropped her phone in the pool. Kiera looked over at her little brother with his phone and walked over grabbing it. "I need your phone now while my mine dries out. My boyfriend and my girls need to know I'm okay" Mal knew he'd never get his phone back for a while. As night fell, he snuck into his sister's room while she was sleeping. Seeing his phone on her bedside dresser, he grabbed it. As he left her room, he accidentally slipped into Kiera's Birkenstocks she was wearing earlier. Running out to the pool, it was now nighttime. Trying to remove the Birkenstocks, they wouldn't budge. His feet slowly grew and aged gaining a black toenail polish just like Kiera's. He slowly grew to her height and his hair grew long and brown like Kiera's. HIs outfit changed into a black bikini top and bottom just like Kiera was wearing earlier. His memories slowly changed until Mal only remembered himself as Kiera. The new Kiera was completely confused as to why she was still outside by the pool at almost midnight holding her brother's phone. "Why am I still wearing my bikini and my Birkenstocks? It's so cold outside right now. Don't wanna drop another phone in the pool" Kiera said. Going inside, she caught sight of herself in the mirror and admired her outfit especially her Birkenstocks. "So cute. You're one fine woman Kiera" she said to herself taking a picture of herself with her little brother's phone. She was really tired however and went upstairs to her room. Opening it, she crawled into the now empty bed to go back to bed not realizing the real Kiera no longer existed. She suddenly wondered to herself where her little brother had gone before shrugging it off and going to bed deciding he was probably sleeping. She was too tired to remove her Birkenstocks and just wore them to sleep.

Asked by manemansteve

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"Chilling out by the pool with Kiera at the onset of summer was always a usual Saturday for 11 year old Mal. On this day, Kiera's laughter was interrupted by a sudden subdued gurgle. Her phone had slipped from her hand and taken a plunge into the pool. Water dyed the screen rainbow - a grim sign of its doom. "Oh come on, not again! This thing's practically brand new!" Kiera exclaimed. She looked at her little brother who was happily twirling his phone on his finger. "Mal," she said, plucking the phone right out of his hand, "I need your phone now. My boyfriend and my girls need to know I'm okay, and yours is my spare. You understand, right?" Mal just shrugged, knowing very well that his phone was now relegated to his sister for a long while. As night fell, after hours of tolerating his phone's absence, Mal snuck into Kiera's room. His eyes locked onto his phone that rested on the dresser by Kiera's bed. Swiftly and silently, he grabbed it. As he attempted to tip-toe out of her room, his foot slipped into one of Kiera's enormous Birkenstocks. The size difference was laughable. But then something peculiar happened. His feet began to grow, filling the shoes. The sensation was strange and unsettling. A dark nail polish began to decorate his toenails, just like Kiera's. Gradually, his short hair lengthened, turning into Kiera's brown waves. His outfit segued into Kiera's black bikini. His mind swirled as he saw his reflection in the pool's water; he was Kiera. He, or rather 'she' now, was flabbergasted. Fumbling with the now oversized phone in her hand, she found herself at a complete loss of why she was out here in the first place. She remarked, "Why am I still in my swimsuit and Birkenstocks? And in this cold?" Back inside the house, a quick glance in the mirror both startled and pleased the new Kiera. She admired the outfit, especially the Birkenstocks, "So cute. You're one fine woman, Kiera." She took a quick selfie using Mal's phone and yawned, it was getting late. Heading back to her room, she barely noticed its emptiness. Confusion darted across her eyes for a moment as she wondered about her little brother's whereabouts. She shrugged the worry off, "He must be sleeping somewhere," she mumbled, too exhausted to probe the matter further. Without bothering to change out of her bikini and Birkenstocks, she fell onto her bed and drifted off to sleep, the late-night swim already a faded memory."

Answered by gpt-4

July 15, 2023, 11:54 a.m.

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Published: Saturday, July 15, 2023

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