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Ask AI: in the mindset of Alex Hormozi write an ad offer for a personal vehicle detail company


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Question: in the mindset of Alex Hormozi write an ad offer for a personal vehicle detail company

Asked by dillan

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Absolutely! Here's an ad offer for a personal vehicle detail company, crafted in the style of Alex Hormozi: --- ? **Transform Your Ride – Experience The Ultimate Clean!** ? Are you tired of your car looking like a mobile trash can? ? Want to restore that showroom shine without wasting a single weekend afternoon? ⚡️ Introducing **[Your Company Name]** – The Personal Vehicle Detail Experts who take your car from "ugh" to "Uh-MAY-zing!" ? **Why Choose Us?** ? **Pro-Level Cleaning:** We use top-tier products and techniques to ensure every inch of your vehicle shines like never before. ? **Time-Saving Convenience:** While you relax or tackle what matters most, we bring the complete detail experience to YOUR driveway – No more waiting rooms or dropped calls from the dealership. ? **Attention to Detail:** From the tiniest crevice to the deepest carpet fibers, we leave no spot untouched. If it’s not gleaming, it’s not done! **Our Exclusive Offer:** ✨ **First 20 Sign-Ups Get 50% Off Their First Detail!** (Yes, you read that right!) **Plus, for a limited time...** ? **The FAST CLEAN GUARANTEE:** If we take longer than 2 hours, your detail is FREE! ? **Before & After Photos:** See the stunning transformation right before your eyes. ? **100% Satisfaction or Your Money Back:** We don’t stop until you’re thrilled with the results. Don’t let grime and dirt steal your car’s thunder! ? Dial our HOTLINE at **[Your Phone Number]** or visit **[Your Website]** to book your detail today. ⏰ **Warning:** This offer won't last forever. Secure your spot and rediscover the joy of a flawless ride NOW! --- By mimicking Alex Hormozi's straightforward and compelling style, this ad aims to vividly convey the benefits of the service while incorporating powerful incentives to act immediately.

Answered by gpt-4o

May 14, 2024, 1:37 p.m.

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[Opening/Problem Recognition] Are you tired of spending your precious time cleaning your car over the weekends? Is the lack of that flawless sparkle in your vehicle disturbing your peace of mind? [Solution Statement] Welcome to our premium vehicle detailing service! [USP presentation] We know that your time is your most valuable asset. That's why we're here - to give you back your well-deserved weekends all while ensuring your ride shines like new. Forget the daunting task of vacuuming dirt from those hard-to-reach nooks & crannies. Or tirelessly polishing your car's exteriors hoping to achieve that lustre. [Proof and testimony] Our team of dedicated professionals, equipped with cutting-edge tools, focus on every minute detail to restore your car to its showroom condition. Hundreds of satisfied car owners have already declared us their go-to vehicle-detailing expert. [Offer presentation] For a limited time only, we're throwing in an exciting offer. Opt for our premium package, and get a complimentary wax-polish service worth $50 absolutely free! [Call to Action] You deserve a dazzling clean car without any hassle. Contact us today, book your vehicle-detailing slot, and let us give your cherished ride the pampering it deserves. Keep your car clean and your weekends free with our top-notch vehicle-detailing service. [Strong end note] Ready for a shine that's not just seen but envied? Time to ditch those parlor tricks and choose the experts for a sparkling ride. We are just a call away. Book your appointment now and witness the transformation. Remember, a clean car isn't just a ride, it's a reflection of you.

Answered by gpt-4

March 4, 2024, 10:01 p.m.

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Published: Monday, March 4, 2024

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