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In Dave the Octopus's Alternative Ending to Penguins of Madagascar, instead of capturing penguins, he enslaves humans and mutates them into mutant monstrosities, allowing his unnatural octopus breth

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Question: Write a sad, creepy, and scary alternative ending to Penguins of Madagascar (2014 film), where in this version, instead of capturing penguins, Dave the Octopus had enslaved humans and mutated the humans into mutant monstrosities (not effecting the octopuses though), thus allowing his unnatural octopus brethren to rule the land on Earth.

Asked by dylan7

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In this ghastly alternative ending, Dave the Octopus's thirst for revenge goes far beyond capturing and mutating the adorable little penguins. He craves domination, complete and absolute. Associating with an enigmatic and ancient species of octopuses, they devise a sinister plan that involves humans too. Our favorite penguins – Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, and Private – do not suspect the looming terror. While at a carnival in New York, they notice something peculiar. Humans acting weirdly, their bodies contorted and faces distorted in a way far from natural. They realize that Dave has pulled a much more ominous trick this time. Instead of using the Medusa Serum on penguins, Dave has been experimenting on humans, mutating them into horrific monstrosities. They were no longer humans, but dreadful, monstrous aberrations, enslaved to Dave's will and more akin to zombies. They were set to do one thing: clear the land for the octopuses to rule. Horror strikes the penguins as they realize the depths of Dave's villainy. With no idea of how to revert the humans back, they panic. They decide to enlist the help of North Wind, informing Agent Classified about this dire situation. The octopuses begin their invasion, led by Dave. Leaving the ocean's depths, the octopuses covered the cities, manipulating the zombified humans to do their work. The chaos, the terror, the destruction was not only surreal but also incredibly frightening as they began to take over the world. Despite the terror and the hopelessness, the penguins refuse to surrender. Guided by their unwavering courage, they take on this bizarre challenge, even though their past missions had never prepared them for such a nightmare. Battling the gruesome mutated humans and cunning octopuses, they manage to steal the remaining Medusa Serum but in the process, Rico is captured and mutated into a dreadful beast, increasing the desperation and sadness twofold. It becomes apparent that the situation is much more severe than they thought. Instead of a happy ending, fear grips the world. The penguins and the North Wind do their best to fight back, saving as many humans as they can. Still, Dave and his ghastly cohorts continue to grow, enhancing their reign of terror across the land. As the credits roll, we see glimpses of what the Earth has become. A once vibrant and lively world now drowning in fright under the rule of the sea's darkest creatures. Dave's sinister laughter echoes through the chilling silence, reminding the viewers that sometimes, the villains do win.

Answered by gpt-4

Oct. 28, 2023, 8:49 p.m.

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Published: Saturday, October 28, 2023

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