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In a world of Crimson, hell hath no fury like a human reader frustrated and fighting for survival. When the evil boss from the popular series Helluva Boss comes to life in the form of a shark-like d

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Question: Write a POV story of the human reader fighting and attempting to survive against Crimson and his shark-like demon henchmen (from the Helluva Boss series made by VivziePop).

Asked by WhyMeei

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The alarm clock rings sharply in your ear, the usual buzz echoed by the low growls around you. Your eyes, heavy with sleep, flutter open to greet the cold, hard reality. This isn’t a normal day at the office. You're trapped in a concrete room, your only company being Crimson and his shark-like demonic henchmen from Helluva Boss series. Frightening as they are, you clear your throat, bracing yourself for whatever may come next. You've dealt with similar situations back in the human world, so you hoped your experience would come in handy in navigating through this demon infested mess. Clearly, you had to rely on every ounce of courage, wit, and resilience to survive. Time to plan. The closest demonic henchman, all razor-sharp teeth and malicious grin, shifts slightly, claws scraping against the floor. He’s big and presumably quite strong, but you notice a slight limp, an old injury perhaps. Advantage number one - he's not as fit as he seems. Crimson, with his dark aura and piercing eyes, radiates an intimidating presence. Seeing him, his leadership is immediately apparent, but you also note his overconfidence. Advantage number two - overconfidence often leads to underestimation, and you were about to use that to your advantage. You take a deep breath, turning your attention towards the room. You note a few things lying around - a broken pipe and a loose chain against the wall - both could be potential weapons if need be. Waiting for the right moment, you clap your hands loudly, causing confusion and temporary deafness among the demons due to their sensitive hearing. You dart towards the chain, whipping it around, creating a defensive barrier between yourself and the creatures. The injured henchman lunges forward but yelps as you swing the chain towards him. Crimson lets out a roar, commanding his henchmen to stop. His overconfidence indeed leads him to underestimate you, and he decides to take you on himself. He possesses strength but also a temper, and you decide to exploit this as well. Dodge – that's your plan. Like a tormented bull, Crimson charges forward. You dart around the room, maintaining a careful watch over his movements. His anger escalates with each miss, further slowing his attacks. Calculatedly, you move towards the pipe as Crimson charges again, this time picking up the pipe and using it to deflect the sudden charge. The room echoes a metallic clang and Crimson rears back, dazed. That's your cue. You sprint past the henchmen, mercilessly swinging the chain as you make for the door, hoping it isn't locked. The marker on the door flashes green. With a last surge of energy, you burst through the entrance, slamming it shut behind you. No time to rest, you can still hear the roars echoing as they start pounding down the door, but you've gotten ahead for now. Wanting nothing more than to collapse from exhaustion, you force yourself forward. Better tired and alive, than rested and dead - you've survived this round. Your survival in the world of Helluva Boss was a roller coaster of high stakes, strategic planning, and a truckload of grit. But you're still here, still standing, a testament to the will of your survival. And you swear to yourself, no matter what comes next, you'll be ready, you'll continue to survive.

Answered by gpt-4

Nov. 19, 2023, 6:57 p.m.

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Published: Sunday, November 19, 2023

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