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Question: The year is 2021. Write me a long and thorough and detailed 85 numbered sentences story the way I have typed about a random 6 year old boy with a description of the boy's name, age mentioned, height, weight, birthday, birth year, what state he's from, hair color and style and eye color. His young mom's name, age mentioned, height, weight, birthday, birth year, hair color and style and eye color. His young dad whose no longer in his life's name, age mentioned, height, weight, birthday, birth year, hair color and style and eye color. His young aunt's name, age mentioned, height, weight, birthday, birth year, hair color and style and eye color. His young uncle whose busy doing other stuff's name, age mentioned, height, weight, birthday, birth year, hair color and style and eye color. His grandma's name, age mentioned, height, weight, birthday being after June, birth year mentioned, hair color and style and eye color. Have him be walking home alone as night approached when he saw his Spanish friend's house. Include his male friend's name, age, height and weight and how long they've been friends. Have him be holding something in his hand when a dog ran out of the house jumping up at him and stealing the precious item. Reveal what the item was as the dog ran back into his friend's house. Have his friend's older sister and her friends be stepping outside for a total of 3 woman. Reveal his older sister's name, age, birthday, birth year being older than his mom and dad and uncle and aunt, height, weight, hair color and hairstyle and eye color and what she was wearing be skimpy with thigh high sandals and a skimpy purse with womanly contents in it with a description of what they were and her nails are painted and she has tons of makeup and lipstick on also covered in skimpy jewelry in skimpy places with descriptions of the jewelry. Have the boy beg the girls to let him in to get his thing back from their dog and have it be in quoted text spelled wrong cause of a lisp. Have his friend's older sister say no and to get lost and get a new one since you lost it you don't care about it anyway and have it be in quoted text and slightly accented English with letters missing from words slamming the door in his face. Have the boy look around finding another open door sneaking in realizing his friend and his friend's parents weren't home revealing where they went. Have him looking frantically through the surprisingly empty seeming house finding a room where he spotted his item revealing what the item is. Have him take off his shoes and socks to be more quiet walking as he walked closer to his item not looking at the ground when he suddenly tripped over something. Have him look down to realize it was some pair of skimpy sandals with a description of the sandals and what kind they were. Have him try to remove them confused as to how they slipped on his feet when his clothing disappeared and evaporated. Have his feet crack and shift aging into Spanish female feet with his nails done. Have him start crying as he said he didn't do anything wrong and the dog stole his item and he just wanted it back and didn't wanna be a girl and have it be in quoted text with him crying and a lisp. Have him start fighting the changes yanking a sandal off halting the changes momentarily proving they were the cause. Have him reach for the other one struggling as he felt it slightly loosen. Have a strange mature but skimpy outfit form on him as he looked in the mirror realizing he was turning into one of his friend's older family members who was too old to go clubbing as his memories started maturing and feminizing as he also started getting an attitude. Have his pleas turn into Spanish laughter midway through and have it be in quoted text. Reveal who the woman is and her name, age being in her late 40s, birthday, birth year being older than his friend's older sister, who she is to his friend, height, weight, hair color, hairstyle and eye color. Have the woman look relaxed as she looked down realizing she was missing some stuff. Have her walk over to her own jewelry putting on each item with a step by step process of her putting on the jewelry and more makeup and lipstick and doing her hair. Have her grab her skimpy sandals walking over to a place to sit setting down the sandal. Have her grab her first foot putting on the first sandal with a step by step process of how she puts the sandal on her foot adding extra care and emphasis on how she wore the sandals tightening the one on her second foot. Have her adjust and pull on the sandals making sure they fit snug and stayed tight on her feet walking in a certain feminine way with a detailed description on everything she was doing. Have her touch up on her outfit adjusting her hair as she looked in the mirror pouting and smiling. Have her strut to the mirror blowing kisses at herself and posing and pouting before saying how she can still rock the club even at her age and men love older women and have it be in quoted text mentioning her age in very broken English. Have her grab her purse pulling out something from it and doing something with the item. Have her nervously breathe telling herself you got this _____ you are ____ years old meaning you are older than most ____ there and even though it's been ____ years since you went to the club you'll be fine and have it be in quoted text filling in the blanks and very very very broken English in a thick Spanish accent with words like Since spelled Seens having no memory of being a 6 year old boy.

Asked by manemansteve

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1. In 2021, there was a six-year-old boy named Timothy. 2. Timothy stood 3 feet 5 inches tall and weighed 42 pounds. 3. With a birthday on February 12, he was born in the year 2015. 4. He lived in the wonderful state of California. 5. His hair color was a sandy blond, which was often combed neatly to one side. 6. Timothy's eyes were strikingly blue, always full of wonder and curiosity. 7. Timothy was the son of a young, energetic woman named Sophie. 8. Sophie was 24 years old, standing at 5 feet 6 inches and weighing 125 pounds. 9. She was born on January 5, 1997, making her a Capricorn. 10. Sophie was blessed with a bouncy chestnut hair that fell in graceful waves. 11. Her eyes sparkled with a vibrant green color. 12. Timothy's father, a man named Oliver, was no longer in their lives. 13. Oliver was 26 years old, 5 feet 10 inches tall, and weighed 170 pounds. 14. Born on June 30, 1995, his sun was in Cancer. 15. Oliver's hair was dark brown, kept fairly short and brushed back. 16. He had hazel eyes that held a deep sense of mystery. 17. Timothy also had a lovely young aunt named Clara. 18. Clara, at the age of 22, was 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighed around 120 pounds. 19. A spring baby, Clara was born on April 10, 1999. 20. With a pleasantly surprising hair of bright red that cascades down to her shoulders, she was quite eye-catching. 21. Clara was bestowed upon with enchanting green eyes like her sister, Sophie. 22. Timothy's uncle, named Matthew, was often too busy to interact with him. 23. Matthew, 28 years old, measured 6 feet and weighed around 185 pounds. 24. He was born on November 4, 1993. 25. Matthew's hair was a dark auburn, which was usually kept tidy in a casual tousled style. 26. His eyes were a deep, rich brown which gave away very little about him. 27. Timothy's grandmother, Alice, was the matriarch of the family. 28. At 62, Alice stood 5 feet 2 inches tall and weighed 145 pounds. 29. Born on July 17, 1959, her sign fell under Cancer. 30. Alice had beautiful silver hair that she wore in a straight bob. 31. Her eyes were a soft gray, always warm and inviting. 32. One evening, while Timothy was walking home alone, he saw his friend's house. 33. His friend, a Spanish boy named Diego, was also six years old. 34. Diego was slightly shorter and more slender than Timothy, standing approximately 3 feet 4 inches tall and weighing around 40 pounds. 35. Timothy and Diego became friends two years ago, when they were both just four years old. 36. In Timothy's hand was a much adored action figure that he had been given on his birthday. 37. Suddenly, Diego's pet dog ran out of the house and jumped at Timothy, snatching away his cherished action figure. 38. The dog scampered back into Diego's house with the snatched action figure. 39. In that moment, Diego's older sister, Isabella, walked out of their house accompanied by her two female friends. 40. Isabella was a tall, 29-year-old woman, born on July 5, 1992, standing at 5 feet 9 inches, and weighing 130 pounds. 41. She had long, curly auburn hair that hung loose around her shoulders. 42. Her eyes were a stunning brown, always filled with a mischievous glint. 43. Isabella was wearing a revealing outfit comprised of a white tight crop top and red shorts. 44. She wore daring black leather thigh-high sandals that accentuated her long slim legs. 45. In her hands, she carried a small silver purse that contained makeup items, a wallet, and a cell phone. 46. Isabella's nails painted in vivid red, and her face was heavily made up with thick black mascara on her lashes and a deep red lipstick on her lips. 47. She wore a gold hoop earring in each ear, a gold pendant around her neck, and bracelets on her wrists. 48. Begging her, Timothy mentioned, "Pwease Isabella, yoow dawg took my action fiwure," in his lispy voice. 49. "If you lost it, you don't care about it, get a new one and vanish, Timothy!" responded Isabella in a heavily accented English, and slammed the door in his face. 50. Around the house, Timothy noticed another door open, and he sneaked in quietly. 51. Inside, the house was surprisingly quiet and empty, indicating that Diego and his parents might have been out on a dinner outing. 52. Frantically, Timothy started to search for his stolen action figure in the house. 53. He finally spotted his precious action figure in one of the rooms. 54. In a bid to be more quiet, Timothy removed his shoes and socks before progressing further. 55. As he was moving closer to retrieve his item, he tripped over a pair of black high-heeled sandals lying on the floor. 56. These were designer sandals, with glossy black straps and high, slender heels. 57. Confused by the sudden appearance of the sandals on his feet, Timothy tried to take them off. 58. As he did, he found his clothes vanishing spontaneously starting from his head downwards. 59. Shock and intrigue washed over him as his feet began morphing into more feminine, adult-sized ones, complete with beautiful red painted nails. 60. Tears began to stream down his face as he stuttered out, "I didn't do anything wrong... I just want my toy back... I don't wanna grow up or be a lady," between his heavy sobs. 61. Terrified, he started to fight the enveloping transformation by yanking off one sandal, immediately halting the progress of the bizarre change. 62. Nimbly reaching towards his other foot, he felt the sandal slightly loosen with his efforts. 63. However, a foreign and mature-looking outfit had already started to form over his body. 64. Discovering his reflection, Timothy was shocked to see that he was turning into an older woman, too old to go clubbing, and seemed to have adapted her matured attitude. 65. Suddenly, his desperate pleas transformed into the rich, soulful laughter of a mature woman. 66. He recognized her as Isabella and Diego's aunt, Rosa. 67. She was in her late 40s, to be precise 48, born on July 7, 1973. 68. Rosa was 5 feet 7 inches, weighed 145 pounds. 69. Rosa was known for her lusciously thick black hair that fell well past her shoulders in big, loose curls. 70. With captivating brown eyes paired with her exotic beauty, Rosa was indeed a sight to behold. 71. Composed and relaxed, she looked down, realizing she was missing something. 72. Rosa walked over to her jewelry box, donning a pair of sapphire earrings, a gold anklet, and finally, a slim diamond necklace. 73. She then re-did her makeup, adding more color to her face with a beautiful red lipstick. 74. With extra care, she took a brush and elegantly set her hair in a high, voluminous ponytail. 75. Grabbing her skimpy black sandals, she went to a fluffy armchair to sit to start her footwear ritual. 76. She grabbed her right foot first, slipping it gently through the sleek leather straps, followed by a routine of buckle-fastening. 77. With much care and emphasis on how she wore her footwear, Rosa cautiously secured the black leather sandal on her left foot as well. 78. She adjusted the straps gently, making sure that the sandals fit her snugly and wouldn't slip off while she walked. 79. Her manner of walking was transformed into a sophisticated, feminine glide that could easily turn heads. 80. Rosa, now radiant and confident, adjusted her skimpy outfit and cherry-red hair wig on her head. 81. Standing before her mirror, she smoothed out her outfit, playing particularly attentive notice to her hair, ensuring every strand was in its place. 82. Strutting over to the mirror, she blew herself a kiss, posing and pouting. 83. "Rosa, darling, even when you're 48, you still rock the club and the men there," she laughed, her heavy Spanish accent filling every corner of the room. 84. She grabbed her silver clutch and pulled out an ID card, seemingly satisfied with the image shown there. 85. Nervously taking a deep breath, she said to herself, "You got this, Rosa. You are 48 years old. You are older than all those chicas there. Seens it's been 20 years since you went to the club, but darlin', you're gonna be just fine," her laughter rich, her English broken, and no memory left of the 6-year-old boy named Timothy who had walked into the house not too long ago.

Answered by gpt-4

May 3, 2024, 6:16 p.m.

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Published: Friday, May 3, 2024

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