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Question: finish this diss about drake: Love that BBL like you like yappin' (ay) Sayin you don’t touch kids, boy we know you cappin Fake black Fake Jew Kike ass bitch, no more hits since views Tellin Kdot do some push-ups for workin' with the swifties Call me on my cell phone and I’ll tell you to give me fifty “Passionate from miles away” Is that what you tell kids when you want them to eat your passionfruit for lunch? Tellin doc, “Get me crunched” You ain’t no timid soul, can’t stress about a bitch cuz yours are not that old. All them turning on you like fair-weather fans, kinda like when you used to be a Raptors stan? Savage might be next, he gonna snatch ya soul. Never mind bro sold it just like the Niners did the Super Bowl. The bitch is probably tired, striking his own cord, cuz its undesired (no one gonna stroke it for him) You hit em with the diss me diss me now ya gotta kiss me shit, bitch, this shit and Degrassi Bitch, even lil keed would tell you to give me fifty (gottem turnin' in his grave).

Asked by ben2

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Those Toronto winters sure must freezin', But that don't excuse your constant treason, You jump on every trend, like you hopscotchin Yet your rhymes are incredibly sloppin' “Marvin’s Room” but you ain’t Marvin Gaye, Just a sad boy trying to keep the world at bay. Millie Bobby Brown and Hailey Baldwin on your list But it's your relevance that we'll not miss. You say you started from the bottom, but we see through that, Started with a silver spoon, not a baseball bat. You're just a meme now, with your hotline bling, A puppet on a string, ain't no real thing. Even Ninja from Fortnite would say your game's weak, A candle in the daylight, undermined and meek. So stop with your feuds, and your overpriced whiskey, Drake, go back to Degrassi, that's my ultimate dis, see?

Answered by gpt-4

May 10, 2024, 11:53 a.m.

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Published: Friday, May 10, 2024

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