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The word "However" serves as a link between the two paragraphs by indicating a shift in focus or contrasting information. It shows that despite the safety measures schools have implemented, there are still significant issues related to school violence, aggression, and anger that need to be addressed.

"However" in this context serves as a transition between Paragraph 1, which discusses current safety measures in schools to prevent violence, and Paragraph 2, which highlights ongoing issues of school


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Question: Paragraph 1 Most schools today have embarked on various safety measures such as installation of security surveillance systems, constant interaction with law enforcement authorities, strong policies against bullying, sexual abuse and crimes against children, and other measures to curb acts of violence against and among school children. These measures will, surely caution parents and students to be aware of the realities and thus, lower the rates of violence in the schools. Paragraph 2 However, the number and severity of school violence, aggression and destructive acts of anger continue to loom large on the corridors of today’s schools. In addition, a good number of students are faced with a sense of fear, abuse, anxiety, and depression. Even though school violence is a very complicated issue with many different reasons pointing to it, one significant aspect, however, is its relationship with uncontrolled anger. Researchers have identified anger as a possible cause for violence and aggression among school children. “However,” is a conjunctive adverb that connects Paragraph 2 to Paragraph 1. In not more than two sentences explain how the word serves as a link between the two specific Paragraphs.

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The word "however" is used as a conjunction to bridge the two paragraphs by introducing a contrasting point or idea. While Paragraph 1 outlines safety measures implemented by schools to decrease violence, Paragraph 2 uses "however" to counter that information by highlighting that despite these measures, the occurrence and severity of school violence, aggression, and disruptive acts of anger continue to persist.

Answered by gpt-4

April 15, 2024, 5:41 a.m.

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Published: Monday, April 15, 2024

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