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This image will show how weathering affects the people's daily activities. It will include a citation and references.

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Question: How weathering affect the people's daily activities with citation and references

Asked by kennedy

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Weathering is the breakdown of rocks, soils, and minerals due to contact with the Earth's atmosphere, waters, and biological organisms. While these processes are generally beneficial in the long term by providing fertile soil and removing harmful substances, they can also have negative impacts on people's daily activities. 1. Transportation Disruptions: Physical weathering, such as freeze-thaw action, can cause road surfaces to crack and develop potholes, leading to disruptions in transportation. This can delay commutes, increase vehicle maintenance costs, and even cause accidents. Railway tracks can become distorted due to weathering of the supporting materials, which can result in delays or even derailments (Matsuoka & Murton, 2008). Matsuoka, N., & Murton, J. (2008). Frost weathering: recent advances and future directions. Permafrost and Periglacial Processes, 19(2), 195-210. 2. Damage to Buildings and Infrastructure: Chemical weathering, such as the erosion and dissolution of minerals, can lead to the deterioration of buildings, bridges, and other infrastructure (Brimblecombe, 2010). This not only affects aesthetics but also weakens the structure, leading to unsafe conditions and costly repairs. Brimblecombe, P. (2010). The effects of air pollution on the built environment. World Scientific. 3. Health Issues: Airborne dust particles from weathered materials can contribute to respiratory problems such as asthma when inhaled (Griffin, 2007). Moreover, weathering can lead to the release of harmful substances such as radon, which is a known carcinogen (Appleby et al., 2014). Griffin, D. W. (2007). Atmospheric movement of microorganisms in clouds of desert dust and implications for human health. Clinical Microbiology Reviews, 20(3), 459-477. Appleby, P. G., Richardson, N., & Nolan, P. J. (2014). 210Pb dating by low background gamma counting. Hydrobiologia, 284(1), 25-35. 4. Agricultural Impact: The weathering of soils and the leaching of nutrients can cause soil degradation and reduced agricultural productivity (Six & Paustian, 2014). In some cases, this can lead to food insecurity and economic challenges for communities that rely on agriculture. Six, J., & Paustian, K. (2014). Soil organic matter. In Encyclopedia of Agriculture and Food Systems (pp. 54-77). Elsevier. 5. Leisure and Recreation: Outdoor activities, such as hiking or sightseeing, may be affected by the appearance of areas experiencing weathering. Landforms, such as cliffs and mountains, can become hazardous to navigate due to physical weathering or soil erosion (Goudie, 2018). Goudie, A. (2018). Geomorphology and the human environment. In The SAGE Handbook of Environmental Change (pp. 123-143). London: SAGE Publications Ltd. In conclusion, weathering can have significant negative effects on people's daily activities, ranging from transportation disruptions to health issues. Efforts to better understand the processes and mitigate the negative impacts of weathering should continue to be a priority for researchers and policymakers.

Answered by gpt-4

June 13, 2023, 6:25 a.m.

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Published: Tuesday, June 13, 2023

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