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Question: in the mindset of bob proctor what are they best and vital ways to get a life coach client to engage, desire to hire ones services, and better understand the lessons or peak interest at the beginning of a client coach relationship

Asked by dillan

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1. **Create Value**: To attract and engage a client, you need to establish your value as a life coach. Show how your services can help the client improve their life and reach their desired goals. Express your specific skills and experiences, affirm your knowledge and competence. 2. **Inspire Trust**: Trust is fundamental in a coaching relationship. As Bob Proctor emphasizes, you need to embody honesty, empathy, and professionalism. Being consistent and transparent can also help build trust and credibility. 3. **Set Clear Goals**: Help your client define clear, attainable goals. Bob Proctor often speaks about the power of goal setting. Make sure the client understands these goals and is committed to working towards achieving them. 4. **Active Listening**: Demonstrating active listening shows the client that you genuinely care about their concerns and you're ready to help them navigate through their challenges. It also allows you to understand better their needs and tailor your coaching accordingly. 5. **Encourage Self-Awareness**: Bob Proctor strongly believes in the power of the mindset. Encourage your clients to understand their thoughts and beliefs as these greatly influence their actions and outcomes. Self-awareness is a vital step towards change and growth. 6. **Provide Extra Resources**: Show your commitment by providing extra resources like books, videos, and articles that align with the teachings of Bob Proctor, helping elevate their understanding and interest at the onset of the relationship. 7. **Motivational Feedback**: Regular feedback is crucial in coaching. Affirming your client's progress and empowering them to believe in their capacity to make positive change can greatly enhance their motivation and desire to continue with the coaching and hire your services. 8. **Offer Personal Transformative Experiences**: Talk about successful cases or even personal experiences that demonstrate transformations achieved through coaching. Stories are powerful tools that invoke emotions and engage the client more deeply. Thanks to Bob Proctor's elucidation of the "Law of Attraction", endeavor to create a positivity-filled, open, and supportive ambiance, becoming a magnetic pull for prospective clients.

Answered by gpt-4

July 12, 2023, 11:12 a.m.

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Published: Wednesday, July 12, 2023

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