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In this image, there is a piggy character next to a wolf character. The piggy character appears to be infected with the virus, and the wolf character is dead. The piggy character appears to be in a hospital.

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Question: I see piggy characters and I go to my from my favorite animal wolf and the infected wolf I hold my gun and my dead wolf and the characters sees it I wake up as a infected wolf but I was at a hospital

Asked by demondgnpjk

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and there were other infected people around me. I was being treated by the doctors and nurses and they were trying to cure me of the infection but they couldn't and they used me to study the virus and find a cure. I was eventually cured but I was still weak and traumatized by everything I had gone through. I looked around the room wondering what I could do and that's when I saw a volunteer poster. It said they were looking for people to help those affected by the virus and I decided to join the volunteers. For the next few months, I dedicated myself to helping those who were affected by the virus and bringing comfort to those who were suffering. I also worked with the medical team to find a permanent cure for the virus. I continued aiding in the research until we eventually created a vaccine and the virus was eliminated from the world. I looked back on my experience with a sense of pride and realized that even in the darkest times, animals and humans alike can work together to make the world a better place. From then on, I promised myself that I would continue to volunteer and help those in need for as long as I could.

Answered by text-davinci-003

Feb. 9, 2023, 2:38 p.m.

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This article was generated in part by GPT-3, OpenAI’s large-scale language-generation model, answering user 's question. Images were generated with OpenAI's AI model, DALL·E 2. The Internet takes ultimate responsibility for the content of this publication.
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Published: Thursday, February 9, 2023

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