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Question: Story: Write me a story the way I type about 6 year old Preston living with his 42 year old dad Devin. Devin's wife had divorced him so Devin had started dating 26 year old Paulina. Paulina was from Mexico and had recently moved to America, only moving because Devin helped her pay for her move to the US. She was a brown haired and brown eyed woman who Devin found attractive and Devin assumed she found him attractive. Paulina had a very large collection of purses as well as jewelry, makeup, nail polish and lipstick as well as traditional dresses, heels, platforms, flip flops and all other kinds of accessories all paid for by Devin who barely managed to scrape by with what little money he had left. Please have Paulina say the quote "You're very kind." in her Spanish accent in regards to Devin buying her another pair of shoes. Despite his youthful age, Preston hated Paulina with a passion especially for the way she treated his dad. Always wanting to find a way to get rid of her, he one day overheard her on the phone. He didn't quite understand all the words she was saying but he knew he heard "get rid of him" and "take money" and his dad's name in the sentence making him worry Paulina was escalating to uncharted territory where she bluntly wanted to ruin Devin's life or make him disappear. Devin decided to give Preston the choice of staying home by himself or joining him and Paulina on one of her shopping sprees. Preston opted to stay home telling his dad he wanted to be independent. As they left, Preston breathed a sigh of relief. Please have Preston say the quote "Daddy, don't worry. I won't let her take all your moneys" quietly to himself after his dad and Paulina left. Going into Devin's and Paulina's room, he was met with the sight of all her items. Handbags, heels, platforms, wedges, flip flops, traditional dresses, tank tops, crop tops, skirts, makeup, lipstick, lip gloss, nail polish, jewelry, sunglasses and barely any room for Devin's stuff. Preston sat his own phone down on the bed. Suddenly, he spotted Paulina's actual purse hanging up in the closet. This was the one Paulina actually kept all of her stuff in. As he approached the closet, he looked down dodging a pair of heels belonging to Paulina. He carefully stepped around the shoes and started climbing up the shelves in the closet until he reached Paulina's purse. He pulled her phone out of the purse and saw some text messages between her and some other people proving she did want his dad to go to jail and she was also talking about getting rid of Preston as well. Preston then pulled out Paulina's wallet and pulled out a thick wad of her cash to give to his dad. Remembering his phone on the bed, he decided to hop down and grab it to take some photos of all of this evidence. He lost his grip and his balance as he did causing Paulina's purse to fall over him and land over his shoulder. This then caused him to stumble accidentally slipping into a pair of Paulina's leather platform sandals. As Preston turned to look at his reflection, seeing the purse and the sandals on his feet made him gag and cringe in disgust and he quickly removed the shoes and threw the purse off his shoulder. Please have Preston say the quote "Why so girly? Hope daddy doesn't get mad at me for being in here and hope Paulina isn't still here" As Preston started to head over to his phone, he felt a painful tingling in his body. Looking down, he saw his feet begin aging and changing into Paulina's complete with her red nail polish as well as her brown skin. Recognizing whose feet he now had, he started panicking. Please have Preston say the quote "Oh no! I'm turning into Paulina. I don't wanna become mean to daddy" realizing who he was becoming. The changes only accelerated as his legs feminized turning into Paulina's. His arms and body changed into Paulina's as he gained her boobs and the same red polish formed on his fingernails. His head and face changed into Paulina's as his hair turned brown and his eyes turned brown and alluring. His teeth turned straight and white. His voice maturing into Paulina's pitch. Please have Preston say the quote "No! I don't a wanna be a Paulina. I wanna to be nice a to dad" scared of the accent and the voice that came out of his mouth. Running to his phone, he took screenshots and pictures of Paulina's texts dropping his phone on the bed again as his outfit turned into a black bra and panties before a black crop top and a pair of short shorts Paulina had recently received from Devin formed on him. Preston felt his memories beginning to alter and change. His only wish was that he would be a better wife to his dad and a better Paulina than the real one. His hopes were shattered as he started seeing memories of himself as Paulina talking bad about his dad in Spanish to other men and laughing at and mocking him. Eventually, his memories completely altered and changed into the materialistic mindset of Paulina. The new Paulina stood in her bedroom confused as to why she was still home and not out spending Devin's money on herself. Paulina noticed her phone on the ground and picked it up. Opening it up, she noticed her text messages and her files plotting to steal Devin's money and have him arrested were opened. Her heartbeat increasing, she then noticed Preston's phone on the ground. Suspicious, she opened it up and saw that he screenshotted and saved numerous text messages she had been sending and receiving. Please have Paulina say the quote "The little boy is gonna blow my cover. I must do something before stupid Devin finds out" in Spanish. Paulina immediately slammed Preston's phone on the ground before scooping up her own phone and sticking it in her bra. Throwing the broken phone away, Paulina got a sadistic smile on her face as she knew her secret was safe now. She then saw her purse and her platform sandals were haphazardly laying in the bedroom. Fury brewing in her, she got enraged. Please have Paulina say the quote "My things were touched without my permission. That boy better hope I don't find him" in Spanish. She then grabbed her platform sandals slipping them on her feet and then picked up her purse throwing it over her shoulder. She did a seductive pout and smiled at her reflection. Please have Paulina say the quote "Oh handsome boy. I need you to come save me from this old loser and his name is Devin" in Spanish. She laughed as she mocked the man she got all of her things from. She grabbed a pair of sunglasses before strutting out to the car Devin purchased for her. As she caught sight of her reflection in the mirror, Paulina smiled again as she thought about how much of a loser Devin really was for thinking a woman like her could actually love a guy like him having no memory of being 6 year old Devin and having no memory of wanting to be a better woman than the real Paulina.

Asked by manemansteve

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In the town of Stony Creek lived six-year-old Preston with his forty-two-year-old dad, Devin. Life wasn't always peaceful for them, particularly ever since Devin started dating Paulina, a twenty-six-year-old woman from Mexico. Paulina, with her chestnut hair and sunlit brown eyes, had been an irresistible charm to Devin. He assumed she found him attractive too, even with the huge age gap between them. Paulina, born into a humble family in Mexico, had been lured by the prospect of a comfortable life in America. The financial aid from Devin had helped her fulfill that dream. Paulina had a peculiar taste for fashion that was insatiable. Her collection ranged from a variety of purses, footwear, intricate jewelry to a wide assortment of apparel. All paid for by the hard-earned money of Devin. Paulina, one fine day, received yet another luxurious gift from Devin – a pair of designer shoes. Overwhelmed by his kindness, she said with a hint of a Spanish accent, "You're very kind." Meanwhile, Preston harbored a volcanic aversion to Paulina. It was not just her lavish lifestyle that irked him, but the belittling behavior she exhibited towards his dad. He heard snippets of conversation that she had over the phone and was certain that she was planning something serious against Devin. Fear gripped Preston as he pondered on what to do. One day, Devin invited Preston to join them on one of their shopping trips. Sensing an opportunity to investigate Paulina's true intentions, Preston gracefully declined the offer. "Daddy, don't worry. I won't let her take all your moneys," he whispered to himself as he waved them off. He entered Paulina's room, which was a flamboyant display of her extravagant collection of fashion accessories, reminding him how much it had cost his father. On her bed, he spotted her purse. Summoning all his bravery, he tiptoed around the cluster of high-heels and climbed up to reach her purse. Anxious, he pulled out her phone and discovered a chain of incriminating messages against his father, and even himself. Filled with dread and disbelief, he took evidence pictures with his phone and decided to confront his father about it. Unexpectedly, his foot slipped into one of her leather platform sandals, and suddenly he felt a horrific tingling sensation. "Why so girly? Hope daddy doesn't get mad at me for being in here and hope Paulina isn't still here," he muttered, unnerved by the situation. As the tingling sensation became more intense, he was horrified to see his feet age rapidly, taking the form of Paulina's. "Oh no! I'm turning into Paulina. I don't wanna become mean to daddy," he gasped but found his voice morphing into Paulina's pitch. His body transformation continued relentlessly, much to his dismay. Brown hair sprouted from his scalp, his eyes changed, and soon he was gazing upon a perfect replica of Paulina. "No! I don't a wanna be a Paulina. I wanna to be nice a to dad," he whimpered, now entirely in Paulina's accent. A whirl of emotions engulfed him as he saw his reflection in the mirror - now a spitting image of Paulina. Moments later, the transformation was complete - the innocent 6-year-old Preston was now the cunning and manipulative Paulina. Her mind, filling up with the cunning plan she had for Devin, causing her to mutter, "The little boy is gonna blow my cover. I must do something before stupid Devin finds out." As she spied Preston's destroyed phone, she celebrated her victory with a brief dance, "My things were touched without my permission. That boy better hope I don't find him." Looking at her reflection in the mirror, she winked, "Oh handsome boy. I need you to come save me from this old loser and his name is Devin." Laughing maliciously, she flounced out of the room, the words echoing in the empty room, leaving no trace of the innocent little Preston.

Answered by gpt-4

Sept. 16, 2023, 1:46 a.m.

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Published: Saturday, September 16, 2023

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