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Law Pavillion is a website devoted to providing legal information to consumers. As a successful sales manager for this company, you will be responsible for generating revenue through the sales process and targeting the legal market.

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Question: Research on this company: and suggest a sales process and target market to generate revenue and become a successful sales manager for the company

Asked by robor

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The research suggests that LawPavilion is an internet-based legal information and automated document assembly system. It provides professionals with access to legal content and a comprehensive range of products and services. Sales Process: 1. Research Potential Clients - Take the time to research potential clients that may be interested in accessing legal content through LawPavilion. Identify the legal needs of potential clients and create a list of potential buyers. 2. Develop Relationships - Develop relationships with potential buyers by attending relevant events and visiting potential buyers in their office. Developing relationships with potential buyers is essential to ensure a successful sales process with LawPavilion. 3. Presentation - Create a sales presentation that outlines the features, benefits and cost of LawPavilion services. It's important to show potential buyers how LawPavilion can help them access legal content without the need for extensive research or the build-up of complex documents. 4. Close the Sale - Follow-up with potential buyers and engage in actively closing the sale. Address any questions and concerns the potential buyer has and provide additional information as needed. Target Market: The primary target market for LawPavilion should include legal professionals, such as lawyers, legal professionals, and law firms. These individuals and firms can benefit immensely from the convenience and efficiency that LawPavilion provides, making them ideal candidates for potential buyers. Additionally, LawPavilion can target companies and organizations that handle internal or external legal matters, such as HR departments.

Answered by text-davinci-003

Jan. 25, 2023, 4:11 p.m.

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Published: Wednesday, January 25, 2023