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Question: Story: Write me a story about 7 year old Tyler going to his local Walmart alone for the first time. His 27 year old mom had given him money for a new video game he wanted. Buying the game, Tyler left the store when suddenly 34 year old Rashida aka Beauty Mark stopped him. She was a homeless woman of African American descent and her long black hair was naturally curly. She was wearing large hoop earrings, a tan crop top, jean short shorts, fake long red nails, leather wedge sandals and a leather purse on her shoulder. She approached the child and said the quote "Hey sugar, do you have any spare change? I'm not allowed in Walmart anymore" Tyler felt bad saying he didn't. Rashida smiled warmly as she extended her arms out for a hug. As Tyler hugged her, he felt dizzy. Opening his eyes, he noticed he was taller. Looking down, he saw a tan crop top, jean short shorts, leather wedge sandals and he had a purse dangling off his shoulder. He also noticed weird red long things in his nails and his skin was darker. Going through the purse, he saw things he didn't recognize like tampons, more fake nails, makeup, cigarettes and a lighter as well as a tazer. Tyler removed all the fake nails from his hands as well as the wedge sandals and the purse deciding they were too feminine for him leaving them on the ground. Spotting his own body, he ran over in his new bare female feet. Telling the woman he was supposed to be a boy and that he was sorry. Rashida said the quote "Nah hon, this is my body now. You can be the homeless woman. Enjoy life as a scared 34 year old woman" Tyler heard 34 and panicked realizing he was older than his mom. Tyler's memories changed, altered, and matured until he only remembered being Rashida. The new Rashida looked down at her feet noticing they were bare and her purse and her fake nails were missing. Rashida said the quote "Oh Lord. Where are my wedge sandals? Can't be barefoot out here.And my purse? And my nails?" Rashida then noticed her purse and her wedge sandals and ran over to them. Sitting down on the ground, she slipped the wedge sandals back on and grabbed her purse throwing it over her shoulder. Going through her purse, she found all of her stuff still inside including her fake red nails. She calmly reattached each nail to her hands. Checking they were firmly in place, she decided to test the waters and attempted to enter Walmart. As she did, a female security guard stopped her. Rashida said the quote "Oh come on. I just had to use the bathroom. Just cause I'm homeless? I'm just a lady" leaving the store frustrated. Rashida found a quiet alleyway and pulled out her tazer making sure it still worked before pulling out a cigarette and lighting it up and smoking it. The real Rashida in Tyler's body was relieved to be young again as well as happy to no longer be homeless. Unfortunate Tyler however was doomed to spend the rest of his life thinking he was a homeless woman named Rashida.

Asked by manemansteve2

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In the small town of Storyville, a 7-year-old child named Tyler embarked on a memorable journey to his nearest Walmart. He'd just turned seven, and his young, 27-year-old mom, trusting in his maturity and judgment, gave him some money to go on this adventurous little expedition. He felt an adult-like sense of independence as he walked among the aisles in search of his desired video game. Leaving the bustling store, he was confronted by an enigmatic yet charismatic woman named Rashida, fondly known by the townsfolk as "Beauty Mark". She was a homeless African American woman, dressed in a haphazard, yet peculiarly stylish fashion with large hoop earrings, a tan crop top, jean shorts, long fake red nails, and wore leather wedge sandals. She carried a sense of poise even though life had thrown her hardballs and reduced her to homelessness. As she approached Tyler in a friendly manner, she pleasantly asked, "Hey sugar, do you have any spare change? I'm not allowed in Walmart anymore." Tyler regretfully conveyed his lack of spare funds, which prompted a warm, understanding smile from Rashida. She extended her arms out, offering Tyler a warm and compassionate hug. Suddenly, as their bodies merged in the embrace, Tyler's world went dizzy. As he regained his senses and his vision returned to normal, Tyler noticed an odd perspective shift - everything seemed farther away. Glancing down, he became aware he was wearing a familiar outfit - the tan crop top, jean shorts, and leather wedge sandals. On top of that, his hands had taken on an alien quality, each finger adorned with an elongated, red fake nail. Panicking, Tyler looked around and noticed Rashida inhabiting his own prior small figure. His heart pounded in his chest, confusion and worry danced in his eyes. He stammered, "I'm not supposed to be... a woman... I’m sorry.” Rashida, now in the tiny form of Tyler, flashed an amused smile and corrected him, "Nah hon, this is my body now. You can be the homeless woman. Enjoy life as a scared 34 year old woman." At that, Tyler felt his memories alter and memories of Rashida’s past filled his mind. All the familiarity of his 7-year-old life drifted away, replaced by an adult mind containing the vast, complex history of Rashida's 34 years. Regaining her composure, Rashida embraced her new reality with tenacity. She busied herself in retrieving her scattered belongings. Reapplying her fake nails and sliding her wedge sandals back on, she felt a sense of grounding in her familiar belongings. She attempted to enter Walmart, but was politely escorted out by security. With a sigh, Rashida retreated to a quiet alleyway and reassured herself of the backups in her purse - her taser still worked, and her cigarette was as comforting as ever. The real Rashida, existing now in Tyler's body, couldn’t help smiling at her new found youth and the prospect of escaping homelessness. Poor Tyler, on the other hand, was cursed to continue living life as Rashida, confining his 7-year-old memories and life to a distant corner of his mind as they faded away into nothingness.

Answered by gpt-4

July 31, 2023, 11:20 p.m.

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Published: Monday, July 31, 2023

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