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13 year old Mark is at home with his 16 year old sister Promise. Promise notices Mark's phone and takes it away from him to use. Mark is mad at Promise and thinks she can't just take his phone. Promise leaves the room with Mark's phone and later finds it in her brother's room. She takes the phone back and texts Mark's girlfriend that she is breaking up with her.

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Question: Write me a story about 13 year old Mark. He was at home preparing to hangout with his girlfriend Nikki when his 16 year old sister Promise walked in the room, she noticed his phone and snatched from midtext to Nikki. "My phone is broke and my boyfriend is more important than your girlfriend" she said. "You can't just take my phone" Mark said "I'm your older sister. I can do whatever I want" she rolled her eyes as she left the room with his phone. He later heard her driving away and went to her room to check for his phone. Spotting that she had left it behind, he went to grab it. Grossed out at all the girly shoes, dresses, and makeup, he quickly grabbed his phone before accidentally throwing one of Promise's purses over his shoulder. Stumbling, he accidentally stepped into a pair of her expensive sandals. As he ran to his room kicking off the overly girly sandals that were too small for him and yanking the purse off of him, he watched in fear as his feet shrank in length and width aging into Promise's along with her orange nail polish. He freaked at becoming his bratty older sister as he gained 2 inches in height and his outfit became very short shorts and a crop top. Makeup caked onto his face as he looked in the mirror sad to see his nasty sister staring back at him. Soon he forgot ever being Mark and thought he was always Promise. Promise looked around her brother's wondering why she was in it before spotting her shoes and her purse in his room. Grossed out by her brother for stealing her clothes, she walked over slipping on her sandals and grabbing her purse putting it on her shoulder. She then spotted Mark's phone and put it back in her purse receiving a text from Mark's girlfriend. Feeling mischievous, she texted Nikki on Mark's phone that she was breaking up with her then bagged the phone back in her purse before leaving for her boyfriend's house. Paying no mind to Mark being nowhere to be found.

Asked by loopioo

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In a typical suburban neighborhood, 13-year-old Mark was energetically preparing for an exciting afternoon with his girlfriend Nikki. As he was crafting a text message, his world was disrupted by the sudden appearance of his 16-year-old sister, Promise. Promise, who had a recognizable knack for taking what's not hers, seized Mark's phone in the middle of his text. "My phone is broken and my boyfriend is more important than your girlfriend," she declared, dismissively. Mark attempted to protest but was silenced by his sister's counter-argument, "I'm your older sister. I can do whatever I want." Swinging her hair back, she left the room, arrogance radiating off her. Once the roar of Promise's car faded, Mark navigated himself through the labyrinth of endless shoes, dresses, and makeup in Promise's room. Among the chaos, he saw his phone, recklessly tossed aside by Promise, and hastened to reclaim it. In the rush, Mark clumsily slipped on one of Promise's expensive sandals and accidentally slung one of her purses over his shoulder. An odd sensation overcame him, his feet and the rest of his body seemed to be morphing. His feet, once large and rugged, had now shrunk to the delicate size of his sister's. His heart pounded as he felt a strange growth spurt, gaining two inches in height. His clothes also mysteriously transformed into short shorts and a crop top, much like the outfits Promise enjoyed wearing. Applying the finishing touch, makeup seemingly painted itself onto his face, instantly he looked in the mirror and saw a complete transformation. It was as if he'd become his bratty older sister, the reflection sneered back at him, a grim resemblance of a picture perfect Promise. In the frenzy, he somehow began to forget ever being Mark, and slipped into the belief that he'd always been Promise. Confused, Promise surveyed Mark's room, wondering why she'd wandered in. Catching sight of her shoes and purse, she felt a mixture of anger and disgust at her brother's bizarre antics. Slipping her sandals back on and slinging her purse over her shoulder, she glimpsed Mark's phone lying there. Snatching up the phone she landed on a new message from Nikki. A mischievous grin spread across Promise's face as she typed out a surprising message, a breakup note from Mark. Chuckling to herself, she tossed the phone back into her purse, and headed out for her boyfriend's house, completely unaware of the strange events in the house and the sudden disappearance of her brother.

Answered by gpt-4

June 28, 2023, 10:28 a.m.

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Published: Wednesday, June 28, 2023

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