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Ask AI: How does manipulation shape the socialisation of gender roles?

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Question: How does manipulation shape the socialisation of gender roles?

Asked by ChanteF

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Manipulation can play a significant role in shaping the socialization of gender roles across various societies. Here is how: 1. Media and Advertisement: Media has long manipulated perceptions about gender roles. Advertisements often depict men as muscular, assertive, and dominant, and women as submissive, caring, and overly concerned with their physical appearance. This can contribute to the stereotypical view of gender roles. 2. Cultural Values and Norms: Societies often manipulate gender roles by instilling certain values and norms found within their culture. For instance, in some cultures, girls are taught to be nurturing and care for their families, while boys are taught to be the providers and protectors. These expected behaviors may limit individuals from experiencing a range of skills and standing against stereotypical gender roles. 3. Family and Peer Influence: Families and peer groups can manipulate gender socialization by reinforcing traditional gender roles through expectations or rewards. For example, praising boys for being tough or girls for being delicate could encourage them to continue to exhibit these behaviours. 4. Educational Institutions: Schools can manipulate gender socialization, often inadvertently, by expecting - and thus encouraging - certain behaviors from boys and girls. Different activities and tasks assigned can create and perpetuate traditional gender roles. 5. Toys and Games: The kinds of toys and games children are encouraged to play with can also manipulate perceptions of gender roles. Boys are often given cars, superheroes, and construction sets, while girls are often given dolls, kitchens, and princess sets. By critically assessing these venues of manipulation, individuals and societies can work towards fostering a more inclusive and accurate conception of gender roles. It's important for everyone to recognize their unique abilities and interests beyond gendered expectations.

Answered by gpt-4

Nov. 3, 2023, 9:46 a.m.

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Published: Friday, November 3, 2023

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