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Image description: Illustration depicting Will Byers and Eleven from Stranger Things. Will, in Eleven's body, wearing a dress, and barefoot, comfortingly hugs Eleven, who is in Will's body, with a nosebleed. They stand in front of a mirror, both looking confused and bewildered.

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Question: Story: Write me a story about Will Byers from Stranger Things wanting to talk to Eleven about something. As he approached Eleven, she was wearing one of her older dresses and was barefooted with a nosebleed in her nose. As Will approached her, he comforted her by giving her hug. As he did this, Eleven reacted in a way that was abnormal from her typical behavior. As Will dizzily opened his eyes, he took a step forward in confusion before looking down. From his point of view, he was now wearing a dress and he was now barefooted. Walking to a nearby mirror, Will saw Eleven's confused expression staring back at him. He was now in her body somehow. Walking over to his own body, Will said the quote "How did you do this? Can you swap us back?" Eleven in Will's body simply shook her head no before doing something with her hand. This caused Will's memories to change until he only remembered himself as Eleven. Eleven in Will's body tested her new copy and said the quote "So Eleven, are you doing okay?" The new Eleven not remembering her old life as Will tilted her head slightly with an angry look on her face and said the quote "I don't know you. Not Eleven's friend" before curling up into a ball just like the old Eleven would've. The real Eleven was satisfied. She felt more normal and more human in Will's body and got to live as a person while Will permanently gets to spend the rest of his life as Eleven.

Asked by manemansteve

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Title: The Swap In the world of the Upside Down, settling back into normal life was a peculiarly complex task for everyone, especially for Will Byers who had been affected on a level that most couldn't grasp. He had a strange sense of familiarity when it came to abnormal scenarios. Call it an eerie sixth sense or the experience of his dark past, Will could sense when things were not right. Today, he was experiencing something similar. Eleven was standing near the tree-line of the forest; her once pale pink, now faded and dirty, dress billowed in the light breeze. She was barefoot, with specks of dirt obscuring her youthful innocence. A trickle of blood ran down her nose, a disturbing yet familiar sight. Will approached with a sense of urgency, reaching out to her and engrossing her in a comforting hug. Eleven’s reaction, however, was strange. He felt a tremor, a flash of light, and the next thing he knew, things were different - extremely different. With a dizzy head, Will curtly stepped forward to regain his balance. His vision was blurry, and he felt 'odd.' Helplessly, he looked down to notice a faded, dirt-stained dress draping him. His shoes were missing, and his feet felt the touch of the cold, rough earth. Struggling to comprehend, he shuffled to the mirror hung in his backyard's shed. Much like a ghost, his reflection startled him - it was Eleven, staring back, her eyes wide and her freckled cheeks pale. He took a step back, his heart pounding. Scanning his surroundings, he spotted his own body hovering uncertainly around him, ‘Eleven’ inside it. Desperation washing over him, he said, “How did you do this? Can you swap us back?” A plea more than a question echoed in the chilly air. In response, ‘Eleven,’ inside his body, shook her head, her hand moving to meet the air. A rush of memories flooded Will-- no, Eleven's mind. His past as Will seemed like a distant dream as every memory rewritten and his name etched out, replaced by ‘Eleven.’ It was a new past, a new identity, a new life. ‘Eleven’ in Will's body, curiosity probing her, tried to communicate. "So Eleven, are you doing okay?" she asked, addressing the confused girl. The confusion turned into a scowl, anger radiating off of her. "I don't know you. Not Eleven's friend," she retorted, and as a defensive measure, curled into herself, her forearms digging into her knees, drowning under the weight of unfamiliarity. A satisfactory smile swept over 'Eleven,' residing in Will's body. Here, she felt more human–more normal–comfortable in her new skin, reveling in her newfound freedom. This obscure adventure had made her more 'her' than she'd ever felt before. And so, Will, in Eleven's body, was left with no memories of his former identity, doomed to reside in Eleven's reality for the rest of his life.

Answered by gpt-4

July 30, 2023, 3:20 a.m.

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Published: Sunday, July 30, 2023

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