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Helluva Heroics: A Thrilling Encounter with the Scarecrow Demon INT. MILLIE'S APARTMENT - DAY Millie sits at her desk, sorting through mail, until she comes across a mysterious letter. She curiously

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Question: Can you write a Helluva Boss Fan Story where Millie is sent a letter by someone telling that there's something she needs to see, to which she finds herself in a warehouse. As Millie looks around confused, she encounters a mysterious Scarecrow Demon whose name is unknown and doesn't talk. Millie ends up having a fist fight against the Demon, and while she puts up a descent fight, she finds herself overwhelmed and beaten up by the Scarecrow. As Millie is beaten in battle, the Scarecrow towers over her ready to kill her, until she is saved by Blitzo and Moxxie, with Blitzo shooting the Scarecrow in the head. Can it also be a script too?

Asked by fionn

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Sure, I can certainly write you up a script of a "Helluva Boss" fan story! --- INT. WAREHOUSE - NIGHT Millie opens a letter, unease etched across her face. NARRATOR (V.O) "You have to see this. It's important." She folds the letter back up, curiosity piqued. Heading into a dark, unkempt warehouse, she tiptoes cautiously. Suddenly, a hulking figure steps out from the shadows - an intimidating Scarecrow Demon - its facial features weren't visible but its eyes...the eyes were deeply unsettling. Despite the heightened tension, Millie squares up, her fists raised. SCENE TRANSITION Millie throws her first punch, connecting hard into the Scarecrow's middle. The Demon doesn't flinch, retaliating with a powerful swipe that sends Millie flying back. SCENE TRANSITION Exhausted, bruised, but still determined, Millie struggles to stand. His silhouetted figure towers over her, the finishing blow is inevitable. Suddenly, a GUNSHOT echoes through the warehouse, and the Scarecrow falls onto one knee. Shocked, Millie turns around. There stands BLITZO, smoke still swirling up from the gun in his hand. Next to him is MOXXIE, looking both worried yet relieved. BLITZO Couldn't let you have all the fun. MOXXIE You okay, Millie? END SCENE --- Is there anything else you'd like this fan story to include or modify to make it tailor it more to your liking?

Answered by gpt-4

Jan. 22, 2024, 9:13 p.m.

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Published: Monday, January 22, 2024

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