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Anthology, Helluvaverse, Alternate Timelines, VivziePop, Multiverse in the style of Pablo Picasso

Harmonious Anomalies: Exploring Alternate Timelines in the Helluvaverse

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Question: Write an animated anthology series concept based on the Helluva Boss and Hazbin Hotel (both adult animated series made by VivziePop), exploring alternate timelines in the Helluvaverse (VivziePop multiverse) that show what would happen if major moments from the Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss occurred differently; for example, "What if... Striker was the founder of I.M.P rather than Blitzo being its founder?", " What if... Heaven approved Charlie Morningstar's sinner redemption plans rather than rejecting it?", "What if... Fizzarolli adopted Loona instead of Blitzo adopting Loona?", "What if... Moxxie was a mafia leader instead of an I.M.P crewmember?", " What if... Alastor was the king of Hell instead of Lucifer Morningstar?", "What if... C.H.E.R.U.B won the fight against I.M.P?", "What if... Mammon hired Angel Dust instead of Valentino hiring Angel Dust?", " What if... Lucifer Morningstar was never banished from Heaven, and became the ruler of Heaven and Earth instead of God?", "What if... I.M.P died, with Blitzo and Loona, as well as one demon not part of I.M.P, Octavia, being killed mysteriously (latter revealed to be Chazwick "Chaz" Thurman who killed Blitzo, Loona, and Octavia)?", "What if... Helsa von Eldritch founded Hazbin Hotel rather of Charlie Morningstar founding Hazbin Hotel?", "What if... Hell took over Earth (all the demons from Hell taking over Earth)?", " What if... Earth, Hell, and Heaven formed a peaceful alliance?", etc. All of these ideas are partially inspired by the Marvel TV series' "What If...?" series.

Asked by JungleBoggies

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Title: "Crossroads of Helluvaverse: What If...?" If you're a fan of 'Helluva Boss' and 'Hazbin Hotel', this animated anthology series concept is a deep dive into familiar but twisted realities. Taking inspiration from Marvel's 'What If...?' series, 'Crossroads of Helluvaverse: What If...?' allows viewers to explore alternate timelines in the Helluvaverse, showing what might have happened if major moments in 'Hazbin Hotel' and 'Helluva Boss' unfolded differently. This anthology series will set viewers up for a roller-coaster ride, watching alternate narratives that completely transform the characters and their destinies. Each episode, told through the omniscient gaze of an unknown cosmic narrator who holds the power to travel across dimensions, will offer a fresh and exhilarating perspective. In these universes, you find a world where Striker founds I.M.P instead of Blitzo, revolutionizing the agency through his killer instincts. In another, Heaven endorses Charlie's Morningstar's sinner redemption plans and the Hell undergoes a drastic transformation. You'll explore scenarios where Fizzarolli adopts Loona, making for an emotionally twisted tale, or where Milly becomes a mafia queen instead of an I.M.P crew member. Imagine a universe where Alastor is not an enigmatic radio demon, but the ruler of Hell. Or one where C.H.E.R.U.B thrashed the I.M.P, marking a different trajectory for these characters. And that's not all - you'll see what could happen if Mammon hired Angel Dust, or if Lucifer Morningstar ruled Heaven and Earth instead of God. There could be a universe where Blitzo, Loona, and Octavia are mysteriously killed, pushing the remaining characters into a gut-wrenching quest for revenge. What if Helsa Von Eldritch was the one who founded Hazbin Hotel, or all the demons from Hell took over Earth? Deeper still, what if Hell, Heaven, and Earth formed an improbable alliance achieving peace? 'Crossroads of Helluvaverse: What If...?' is an exploration of the unpredictable, the bizarre, and the radically different. Every episode promises a trip down the rabbit hole into an alternate universe that redefines the Original Helluvaverse as we know. This series concept is a window into infinity - an attempt to answer all the "What if...?" questions that fans of 'Helluva Boss' and 'Hazbin Hotel' have ever asked. It’s the key to the untold, the unexplored, and the reimagined cosmos of these beloved characters and their ever-evolving narratives in the Helluva-verse.

Answered by gpt-4

Jan. 30, 2024, 6:20 p.m.

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Published: Tuesday, January 30, 2024

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