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Illustration depicting two versions of Harley Quinn: one with Plastic Man's powers, stretching her body into various shapes, and another with Elongated Man's abilities, contorting herself with a mischievous grin.

Harley Quinn and Plastic Man: Two Different Origins

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Question: A story where we look through the origins of two different versions of Harley Quinn, one that gains Plastic Man’s powers and calls herself Plastic Quinn and other that gains Elongated Man’s powers from Gingold and is called Elongated Quinn.

Asked by Coolman777

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Title: Twisted and Stretched: The Origins of Plastic Quinn and Elongated Quinn Our story begins in Arkham Asylum where we find Harley Quinn, the harlequin of havoc, as she seems to always be, plotting her newest zany escape. However, this time she takes a divergent path, that makes one Harley become two; two entities with a striking resemblance, yet profoundly different abilities, known as Plastic Quinn and Elongated Quinn. 1) Origins of Plastic Quinn: Harley, in one of her random bouts of buffoonery, stumbles onto an experimental serum-based project led by Dr. Emmett Brown, a scientist researching on the powers of Plastic Man. The essence of his research is to devise a serum that can replicate Plastic Man's super pliable physique. Intrigued and witnessing the perfect opportunity for an escape, Harley dupes the unsuspecting scientist and injects the serum into her bloodstream. The serum works beyond expectations, blessing her with Plastic Man's entire repertoirè of transformative abilities. Using her newfound powers, Harley ditches her clown-like outfit for a spandex suit. Featuring a jester-inspired aesthetics but with a shiny, plastic twist, she christens herself as "Plastic Quinn." With the new persona, the chaotic bounce of classic Harley is amplified by the transformational versatility endowed by her new powers, which she uses for equally chaotic comedy-turned-criminal chaos. 2) Origin of Elongated Quinn: In a parallel universe, where instead of stumbling upon Dr. Brown's lab, Harley finds herself attracted to a rare collection of foreign fruits in Arkham Asylum's garden. One of them is the Gingo, the fabled fruit that gives Elongated Man his stretching powers when consumed in its concentration known as Gingold. Lay this fruit at the feet of a chaos queen like Harley Quinn, and she will undoubtedly take a bite. Feeling the Gingold effect coursing through her veins, every cell in Harley's body starts to stretch and expand. She takes on a rubbery form with an uncensored joy, seeing endless possibilities for mischief and mayhem. Inspired by the transformative capabilities, Harley takes on her new name - Elongated Quinn. Wearing a new exuberant suit that could stretch as much as her, she redefines chaos in Gotham, forever stretching the limits of what's possible, or permitted. In both these universes, Gotham gets a taste of enhanced Harley Quinn, one stretchy, one bendy, but both with the same unquenchable thirst for havoc. These extraordinary versions of Harley only prove that trouble can take any shape or form, in the hands of someone as unabashedly chaotic as Harley Quinn.

Answered by gpt-4

Oct. 1, 2023, 11:30 p.m.

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Published: Sunday, October 1, 2023

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