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Illustration of Carol in a golf attire, growing taller and her clothes stretching as she transforms into a 6'4" woman at the golf course.

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Question: Continue this story Carol was a 22 year old black woman and was always a decent golfer, and normally scored on or slightly below par for any course she played. She also played in big tornaments for fun, and also for the small prizes you could win. On this particular day though, Carol invited 2 people, Girlfriend and Boyfriend. These two are... different to say the least. Girlfriend is carol's friend whos entire family has basically been gifted with "rapping" skills. (If you call "beep boop" rapping) Boyfriend is with Gf right now, and is also a "great" rapper who mostly just copys someone elses vocals for the entire song. Anyway Bf and Gf were invited by carol to go golfing, Gf has played a little bit of golf before because of Carol. Bf on the other hand I don't think has ever touched a golf club in his life, but moving on. On the first hole, which was a relativly short par 3. Carol was actually able to get a hole in one, and then Gf stepped up to the tee box, and sent the ball a little over the hole, but it still landed on the fringe. Bf then set down his ball on the tee. He took a couple seconds to remember what exactly Carol did to get that hole in one. Once he figured it out he took a good crack at it, and sank it in the hole cleaner than my sister's closet on cleaning day. After that, Carol had her jaw drop, she knew Bf hasn't played a lot of golf before, so she knew something was up. Well, at least with her chest... "Wait... am I seeing this right?" She asked herself "Hey, can we posibly drive back up to the clubhouse?" Carol also asked. "Sure thing." Replied Gf, so they drove back to the clubhouse, and Carol went to the singke-serve restroom. When got there, she examined herself in the mirror. She then noticed that her golf polo was starting to feel tighter, as if it was a single size too small on her. Then her entire body felt hot, but not like general body tempature hot, but some form of heat you would feel by being pleasured. While this wasn't exactly noticed immeadiately by Carol, she still saw something wrong with her polo. It was looking like it was streching barely, but just enough for her to notice. "What the heck?" Carol questioned while looking at herself in the mirror. She looked down at her chest and noticed it pushing outwards, she couldn't believe it. She also noticed that the floor was slowly inching away from her meaning that she was also getting taller. Her knee high socks were starting to look like knee lows since they slowly slid down her leg to the top of her calfs, the sleeves on her polo were slowly riding up her arms and stopped right before the shoulders, her polo also untucked itself from Carol's golf skirt, which was starting to hug her waist. Her shoes were very cramped because of how much her feet have grown, the polo was rising up Carol's torso, showing off a bit of her midrift. Her skirt is now basically outlining the top of her thighs. *pop* *pop* Was the sound of the buttons on Carol's polo launching off of her like bottle rockets. Then it just suddenly stopped, Carol is now 6'4 (was origionally 5'7) As she stood there she felt herself heat up and begin to grow again

Asked by chayse

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and this time, panic set in. Carol stumbled back, hitting the door behind her. She could feel seams tearing at the edges of her skirt and polo, and she knew she had to get out of there before her clothes completely disintegrated in public. Her immediate thought was her friends waiting for her outside. As she navigated the tight confines of the restroom, Carol could hear the murmur of the bustling clubhouse outside. She took a deep breath, gathering her composure, and walked out as swiftly and discreetly as possible, hoping nobody would notice her rapid transformation. Her mind raced with questions—what was causing this, and how long would it last? When she stepped outside, she was greeted by Boyfriend and Girlfriend’s confused but amused expressions. "Whoa, Carol! What happened in there? Did you eat a magic mushroom or something?" Boyfriend joked, his goofy smile not hiding his surprise. Girlfriend was a bit more tactful, immediately noticing Carol's discomfort. "Carol, are you okay? You look... different." "Something weird is happening to me," Carol managed to say, trying to keep her voice steady. "I don't know why, but I’m growing." "Growing? Like... physically?" Girlfriend asked, eyes wide. "Yes, we need to figure this out and fast." Boyfriend began to playfully drive imaginary golf balls between his fingers, thinking deeply. "Maybe you're a superhero! Or, hey, maybe you got cursed by a golf god!" As ridiculous as it sounded, Carol couldn’t help but chuckle nervously. "Thanks, Boyfriend, but I think there's something more to it." "Well, whatever it is, we need to help you," Girlfriend said firmly. "Maybe there's someone at the clubhouse who knows about weird stuff like this." They walked back toward the clubhouse, Carol towering over her two friends. They passed by some other golfers who shot curious glances their way, but they managed to make it inside without too much of a scene. Inside, they approached the front desk where an older gentleman with a kind face was sitting. His name tag read "Mr. Jameson". "Excuse me, Mr. Jameson, do you have any idea why someone might start growing out of the blue?" Carol asked, trying not to sound too frantic. Mr. Jameson looked up, took one look at Carol, and raised an eyebrow. "Well now, that's not something you see every day. There’s an old legend around these parts about a mystical golf club that can grant supernatural abilities. But that’s just a story for the kids, isn’t it?" Carol’s eyes widened. "Where is this club now?" Mr. Jameson shrugged. "It was said to be hidden somewhere on this course. But again, it’s just a story." "Maybe it's not just a story," Girlfriend whispered to Carol. Turning back to Mr. Jameson, Carol asked, "Do you have any maps of the course? Anything that might point to unusual landmarks?" Mr. Jameson nodded slowly, providing them with an old, worn-out map of the course. As they scanned the map, they noticed a small, unmarked area near the 9th hole. "That’s our next stop," Carol said, bracing herself for whatever might lie ahead. The three friends set out toward the 9th hole, the possibility of magic, curses, or legendary artifacts now feeling very real. As they trekked through the course, each step brought Carol closer to not only uncovering the mystery but possibly saving herself from whatever strange transformation she was undergoing.

Answered by gpt-4o

July 4, 2024, 4:46 a.m.

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Published: Thursday, July 4, 2024

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