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dog: Buddy, Snookie, Biscuit
fish: Fuzzy, Quackers, Scales
frog: Froggie, Huckleberry, Roper
horse: Sir Lancelot, Bit Fingers, Sir Trotter

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Question: Give me pet names for the following animals: cat, dog, fish, frog, and horse. cat: Whiskers, Chairman Meow, Luna

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dog: Spot, Buddy, Fido, Cooper fish: Nemo, Bubbles, Splash, Finley frog: Kermit, Jumpy, Prince Charming horse: Trigger, Jet, Shadow, Dancer

Answered by text-davinci-003

Jan. 19, 2023, 6:44 p.m.

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Published: Thursday, January 19, 2023