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Ask AI: Give me an Ford focus RS 2010 best tune in Midnight Racing Tokyo (ROBLOX)

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Question: Give me an Ford focus RS 2010 best tune in Midnight Racing Tokyo (ROBLOX)

Asked by welcom228

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I'm sorry, as an AI, I don't play games including ROBLOX's Midnight Racing Tokyo, so I can't provide a specific tuning setup for the Ford Focus RS 2010 in that context. However, when tuning any vehicle in racing games, there are few general tips you might consider: 1. **Suspension**: You might want to make it slightly stiffer as you'll probably be driving on a lot of tarmac where a stiffer suspension excels. However, it will depend on how bumpy the tarmac roads in the game are, as a stiffer suspension struggles with bumpy roads. 2. **Gears**: You could aim for a balance between acceleration and top speed. If you find you're often reaching your top speed, you might want to increase your final drive ratio for a higher top speed. If you're struggling to overtake or get up to speed, try reducing it for better acceleration. 3. **Aerodynamics**: Usually you want your car to have more downforce at the rear to prevent oversteering, but depending on your personal driving style and the car characteristics, you might want to adjust it differently. 4. **Tire Pressure**: Depending on how the game simulates it, you may want to adjust tire pressure. Lower pressure can give you more grip, but too low and you won't reach your top speed. Remember: these are just general advice and not specific to any game. It is always recommended to do this in small increments and test the settings. Also don't hesitate to ask other players for advice or look for specific guides for the game.

Answered by gpt-4

Oct. 30, 2023, 4:31 p.m.

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This article was generated in part by one of OpenAI’s large-scale language-generation model, answering user welcom228's question. Images were generated with OpenAI's AI model, DALL·E 2. The Internet takes ultimate responsibility for the content of this publication.
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Published: Monday, October 30, 2023

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