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Zooming action shot of a blue Nissan R32 racing through the streets of Tokyo at night with a customized racing livery

Ask AI: Give me a race tune of a Nissan R32 in Midnight racing tokyo (Exclude: steering, Brakes, suspension, gear ratio)

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Question: Give me a race tune of a Nissan R32 in Midnight racing tokyo (Exclude: steering, Brakes, suspension, gear ratio)

Asked by mad

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Tuning a car for racing involves customization across different parts of the vehicle depending on the race conditions. Since you have asked about tuning a Nissan R32 for Midnight Racing Tokyo excluding the steering, brakes, suspension, and gear ratio, there's a clear focus on enhancing the engine power, aerodynamics, and tires. Here's a basic suggestion on how you can set up your Nissan R32 for the said racing: 1. Engine: Focus on maximizing power for high-speed straight line sections. Due to the RB26DETT's robust nature, it can withstand substantial modifications. Upgrade your turbochargers for higher boost threshold and overall engine power. Ensure that you have a reliable tuning chip and reliable cooling to handle the extra heat. 2. Air Filter: Invest in high-flow air filters. They increase the amount of air flowing into your engine, resulting in better combustion and more power. 3. Exhaust: Upgrade your exhaust system to high-performance ones as they aid in freeing up some power in your engine. A high-performance exhaust system ensures the faster exit of exhaust gases, reducing engine's work load. 4. Fuel Injection: Choose an injector that matches the performance level of your engine. Higher power levels require a higher flow rate. 5. Tires: Equip the car with racing tire compounds for maximum grip. It helps in both straight, high-speed sections, as well as in daring cornering. 6. Weight Reduction: Lighten your car. Remove unneeded parts to improve your power-to-weight ratio for better acceleration and overall speed. 7. Aerodynamics: Invest in a aerodynamic body kit that includes a low drag spoiler for stability at high speeds. Remember, this is quite a generalized setup and depending on exact race conditions, different aspects of the car might need specific attention. Also, in a real-world scenario, always consult with an experienced mechanic/tuner to perform these modifications.

Answered by gpt-4

Nov. 18, 2023, 6:41 a.m.

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Published: Saturday, November 18, 2023

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