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, include a brief overview of your essay

In the first paragraph, state the thesis of your slavery reparations argumentative research essay- that it is morally justified to implement slavery reparations. In the next paragraph, provide evidence that slavery had a lasting impact on Black Americans and that economic benefits of slavery reparations would be accrued. In the final paragraph, provide a brief overview of your essay as a whole.

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Question: generate 25 sentences for your slavery reparations argumentative research essay in the first paragraph include the thesis statement Slavery reparations should be implemented because of the lasting impacts of slavery on Black Americans, the economic benefits of slavery reparations, and the moral obligation to right past wrongs. at the end of the first paragraph

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tie the sentences together 1. Slavery was an abhorrent part of American history that has left lasting and devastating impacts on Black Americans to this day. 2. The United States government has an ethical responsibility to compensate African Americans for centuries of enslavement through reparations. 3. Reparations can not only assist in healing the legacy of slavery and Jim Crow, but they can directly impact generations of African Americans and create economic opportunities that have long been denied to them. 4. Reparations can provide economic stability to African Americans and help level the economic playing field in America. 5. It is the moral obligation of the United States to take responsibility for its actions and pay reparations in order to allow African Americans to begin to rebuild their lives and address their systemic disadvantages. 6. While reparations are not intended to “erase” all of the suffering endured by African Americans, they are intended to provide a level of restitution that recognizes the wrongs committed, as well as the ongoing effects of slavery on African-American culture and communities. 7. Furthermore, reparations are intended to provide restitution for the ancestral loss of wages, denied education, and other violations of rights, freedoms, and liberties that African Americans faced for centuries. 8. Though it may be impossible to completely “repair” the damages caused by slavery, the United States is morally bound and obligated to provide reparations to African Americans. 9. These reparations should not be seen as a “handout,” but instead as a method of restoring economic and social equity to African Americans. 10. Reparations are an investment in the African-American community, one that will bolster and strengthen the communities and businesses of those long oppressed by slavery. 11. Reparations provide African Americans with access to education, housing, and other basic needs that were denied by centuries of systemic oppression. 12. Reparations are not only the right thing to do, but it can benefit the entire nation by creating economic stability, raising the standard of living, and fostering a sense of understanding and appreciation for the African-American community. 13. In order to build an equitable and just society, the United States must recognize its history and not simply sweep it under the rug. 14. Reparations are a necessary step in this process and can provide an opportunity for healing, reconciliation, and a chance to move forward together. 15. With

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March 9, 2023, 11 a.m.

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Published: Thursday, March 9, 2023