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Frankenstein is reflecting on his conflict between the natural sciences and the exploration of unfounded methods. He decides that he will follow his path and explore unfounded methods. This decision leads to him creating Walton.

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Question: We see Frankenstein’s reflection on his conflict between the natural sciences and the exploration of unfounded methods. Explain Frankenstein’s struggle and how he finally resolves it when he chooses his path -- and connect this to Walton!

Asked by eyoel

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Victor Frankenstein wrestles with internal conflict of whether or not to pursue natural science or delve into the supernatural. He is torn between his desire to use science to create life, and his fear of the consequences should be successful. When frankenstein begins his journey he is focused solely on the prospect of success and fails to consider all the implications of his unnatural work. On his journey, he is forced to confront opposing forces in the form of an inner struggle. On one hand, he wants to push his research further and make a name for himself in science, but on the other, he is afraid of the consequences of such a feat. Eventually, he chooses the path of natural science, determined to create life in a new and unprecedented way. Frankenstein discovers that this pursuit will only be significant if he is able to do it himself and through the power of natural science. The inner struggle that Frankenstein faces is one that Walton too is familiar with. Walton is also initially drawn to the fervor of exploration, but eventually sees the folly of his ways. He abandons his own mission to save Frankenstein, and ends up learning the ultimate lesson: to pursue knowledge tempered with caution. Walton’s lesson serves as a reminder for Frankenstein, who is ultimately able to resolve his inner conflict between natural science and exploration of unfounded methods.

Answered by text-davinci-003

Jan. 18, 2023, 4:54 p.m.

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Published: Wednesday, January 18, 2023