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A tweet from a Frenchman who believes their people are direct descendants of Arabians from the city of Jeddah.

France's Ancestry Debated After Scientists Discover They're Banu-Farnji


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Question: Speculate the Reaction of the French community to these events through 18 tweets in twitter if : the Scientists discovered that the French people are actually direct descendant of An Arabian tribe called "Banu-Farnji" and confirmed it . and the other half of this Arabian tribe still exist in the City of Jeddah. and the Chief of the tribe tweeted saying: "We are ashamed of such discovery, to be releated to such trash, even the Native Americans are more civilised than them".

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1. Wow, we never knew we were related to another tribe! Too bad that chief was so rude about it. #FrenchPride #WeAreRelated 2. Scientists just confirmed that part of the French Community is direct descendants of the Arabian Tribe known as Banu-Farnji. #FrenchPeople #BanuFarnji 3. We are outraged by the Chief of the tribe’s tweet discrediting the French Community. We deserve respect and recognition. #WeAreNotTrash 4. We stand with the French Community in standing up for what is right and demanding an apology for the derogatory comment made. #RiseUp 5. It's incredible to think that part of the French Community is related to an Arabian Tribe from Jeddah. #TribeOfBanuFarnji 6. Even though the "Chief" was rude we should thank him for making us aware of our roots. #BeGrateful 7. We are honoured to know that we have such strong ties to another tribe in Arabia. #WeAreRelated 8. It is with pride that we accept this news even though the Chief was shameful of us. #RespectAndPride 9. The French Community should never forget their origins and the story behind them. #HonourYourRoots 10. The discovery of the connection to the Arabian tribe brings us closer together than ever before. #UnitedInOurBonds 11. We condemn the Chief of the Arabian Tribe in Jeddah for his insulting tweet about the French Community. #respectfullyDemandAnApology 12. We must stand together and make sure that no one demeans us for our origins. #Solidarity #NoToTrashTalking 13. We are proud of our heritage, no matter what other people may think. #BanuFarnjiPride 14. The tribe of Banu-Farnji exists in Jeddah. The French Community stands in solidarity with them. #UpliftOneAnother 15. Even if the Chief of the Arabian Tribe disrespects us, we won't become ashamed of our identity. #ProudFrenchPeople 16. It is sad that the Chief of the Arabian Tribe doesn't have respect for the French Community. #AlwaysRespectful 17. We are absolutly amazed to

Answered by text-davinci-003

Jan. 7, 2023, 1:41 p.m.

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Published: Saturday, January 7, 2023

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