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Question: Story: Write me a story about 6 year old Jesse shopping alone at Walgreens for the first time with money his 23 year old mom gave him. Grabbing what he wanted, he left the store only to be stopped by 32 year old Ashley aka Ashy Face. She was a homeless woman who had been for over 18 years. Her blonde hair neck length, she wore a "PINK" branded hoodie over her pink tank top, sunglasses, glittery earrings, short shorts and pink flip flops with her purse on her shoulder. Ashley walked up to the boy to ask if he had any spare change. Jesse said no feeling bad he didn't. Ashley smiled embracing Jesse in a hug. As Jesse hugged back, he felt dizzy. Opening his eyes, he noticed he was wearing sunglasses. Pulling them up, he saw his nails were now painted. As he looked down, he saw the "PINK" hoodie, short shorts, pink flip flops and the purse on his shoulder. He also felt the glittery earrings in his ears. Going through the purse, he found cigarettes and a lighter, nail polish, a toothbrush, tampons and pads. Seeing his reflection in the mirror startled Jesse as he said out loud how he's not a girl hearing the woman's mature voice instead of his own when he spoke. Looking down at his body again, he removed the pink flip flops, took off the "PINK" sweater, took out the earrings, sunglasses and purse deeming them all too girly. As he saw the nail polish on his fingers and toes, he scrunched his nose grossed out at the nail polish. Spotting his body walking in the distance, he ran over to it assuming it was the woman. Begging the woman to swap back and that he didn't wanna be a big girl, Ashley in his body said she didn't wanna swap back and to enjoy life as a 32 year old homeless woman. Hearing 32 spooked Jesse as he realized he was older than his mom. Suddenly, his innocent 6 year old memories altered, changed and matured until he only remembered being Ashley. The new Ashley grabbed her head in pain as she took a step forward immediately noticing she was barefoot and her stuff was missing. The new Ashley said the quote "Ow! My God! My freaking head hurts! What the hell? Wait, where is my purse? Where are my sandals and my hoodie and my sunglasses and my earrings? Damn it!" She spotted her items a few hundred feet away and quickly ran over to them. She grabbed her pink flip flops slipping them back on. She grabbed her "PINK" hoodie putting it back on over her tank top. She grabbed her earrings putting them back in her ears. She grabbed her purse throwing it over her shoulder. She grabbed her sunglasses putting them back on over her eyes. As Ashley gathered all her things, she quickly clip clopped down the road. Suddenly catching her reflection in a mirror, she looked into her own eyes frowning. The new Ashley said the quote "I'm a 32 year old woman and I'm still out on these streets struggling so much. 18 years on the streets. Why did my life have to suck so much? I didn't do anything to deserve this" She then continued clip clopping quickly down the road as she adjusted her purse making sure it was secure on her shoulder as she looked around watching her back contemplating where to sleep for the night. The real Ashley in Jesse's body watched from a distance happy to no longer be homeless and happy to be younger. Jesse however was forced to spend the rest of his life believing he was a homeless woman named Ashley.

Asked by manemansteve

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Once upon a time, in the heart of Illinois, a young boy named Jesse, aged six, embarked on his first shopping expedition at Walgreens alone. His mother of just 23 years had handed him some money, trusting him to purchase what he needed. With a sense of excitement and a surge of courage, Jesse carried this newfound responsibility with pride. Little did he know, this ordinary day was about to take a surprising twist. As Jesse exited the store, his shopping bag filled with treasured items - candy, a small toy, and a bottle of water - a woman stepped into his path. Ashley aka Ashy Face was her name. Life hadn't been kind to Ashy Face. From her 14th year, she had lived on the streets, fighting for survival through harsh winters and sweltering summers. Despite the pain and heartache she had endured, this 32-year-old woman managed to present a brave facade to the world with her blonde hair, clad in a PINK-branded hoodie, short shorts, and frilled pink tank top, adding a bold statement with glittery earrings and sunglasses perched atop her head. On her shoulder, she carried her entire belongings in a purse. Gathering her courage, Ashley approached Jesse timidly and asked for spare change. The disappointment in Jesse's heart was palpable when he had to decline. He had spent all his money. Ashley assured him with a warm smile that it was okay, stepping forward to embrace him in a comforting hug. As he hugged her back, something strange happened. When Jesse pulled away and looked around, he felt a slight dizziness. He realized he was now wearing sunglasses; they weren't his sunglasses. As he lifted them to get a better look, he froze. His nails were painted in shimmering shades. As his eyes drifted down further, he was wearing Ashley's pink hoodie, her short shorts, and her pink flip flops, with her purse on his shoulder. He could feel the cold metal of the glittery earrings in his ears. A sense of confusion and dread overcame the six-year-old. He rushed to see his reflection in the mirror beside him. "I'm not a girl," he protested, startled by the mature feminine voice that echoed against the surrounding walls instead of his familiar childish tone. As Jesse tried to make sense of what happened, he de-girled himself, disgarding the flip flops, hoodie, earrings, sunglasses, and the purse. But, the nail polish stopped him in his tracks. He scrunched up his nose at it, but had no idea how to remove it. Suddenly, he spotted his young body a few hundred feet away. It was walking away. Without thinking, he ran towards it. "Swap back!" he pleaded breathlessly to the woman, who now inhabited his six-year-old body. "I don't want to be a big girl." Ashley looked down at him, a strange twinkle in her eyes. "And I don't want to be homeless," she retorted. "Enjoy life, Ashley. You're no longer six, you're 32 now!" Suddenly, a wave of memories swooped over Jesse. Not his memories, but Ashley's. His innocent childhood ones faded, replaced by those of struggle and survival. Jesse's world spun for a brief moment, replaced with a painful understanding of a world he never knew existed. The displaced Ashley in Jesse's body watched with a slight smirk as her previous self clip-clopped away in confusion, wandering aimlessly on the bare concrete pathway. Meanwhile, the new Ashley struggled to adjust within the aged body and to the harsh reality of her life. Despite the domestic difficulties, Jesse managed to find solace within the chaos and the turmoil, learning the true meaning of survival. From that day forward, young Jesse was lost, forever imprinted with the identity of a homeless woman named Ashley. As for the real Ashley, she revelled in her newfound youth and her chance at a second life. Despite the drastic changes, both learned to appreciate and find their place within their swapped circumstances.

Answered by gpt-4

Aug. 22, 2023, 1:48 a.m.

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Published: Tuesday, August 22, 2023

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